Super ShowDown event kicked off with the Universal Championship match at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Seth Rollins did not seem in his full potential as he was attacked by Brock Lesnar a few days ago. The match was between Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin for the Universal Championship title. It was exciting how Baron Corbin tried to take advantage of Seth's injury by continuously attacking in his abdomen area. The match had several pinfall attempts but there were kickouts in every pinfall. Corbin was disappointed and started blaming the referee for not completing the three fall within time.

Due to frequent tussles with the referee, Corbin got in an argument with the referee when Rollins took advantage of the situation and rolled him over for a successful pinfall. Corbin attacked Rollins after the match finished. Just after that moment, the entrance music of Brock Lesnar hit and he came to the ring with Paul Heyman and a referee. As he entered the ring, Rollins gave a low blow to Lesnar followed by several chair attacks and hence Brock Lesnar failed in his cash in attempt.

Its a win for Balor and Shane

Next match was the match between Andrade and Finn Balor. Balor came up with his demon gimmick and had an athletic match with Andrade. It was overall a good match with Finn Balor retaining the Intercontinental title.

Up next was the match between Roman Reigns and Shane McMahon with Drew McIntyre on Shane's side. The match was going on pretty well until the referee got distracted and Drew McIntyre hit Reigns with his finishing move. Shane took advantage and pinned Roman Reigns winning the match.

The Game Vs The Viper

This was a spectacular match between the "King of Kings" "The Game" Triple H and "The Viper" Randy Orton.

It was a match with an epic history which started when they both were the part of faction "Evolution". It was during the early 2000s when Triple H betrayed Randy Orton when he became the youngest world champion.

The match started with magnificent entrances of the two wrestlers. Both men continuously blocked and countered the signature moves in this classic match.

The special battle between the two legends of WWE was worth seeing. Triple H countered the RKO with a huge spinebuster. The game then crossfaced the "Viper" in the center of the ring. Both men hit each other with their finishing maneuver but both of them kicked out before the three fall. But the second time Randy hit Triple H with an RKO, he could not kick out of the pinfall and hence "The Viper" came out victorious.

Battle of Giants

This was a match between two giants, "The Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley. These are two legitimate athletes going one-on-one. Lashley gave Strowman a big fight but ultimately it was Braun Strowman celebrating a win over Lashley. It was a hard-fought victory for Braun.

Kofi Kingston Retains

Xavier Woods kicked Dolph Ziggler from outside the ring and Kofi hits Dolph with a "Trouble in Paradise" to take an easy win over Ziggler.