The Kansas City Chiefs are still in a state of limbo when it comes to Tyreek Hill. The wide receiver met with the NFL last week for more than eight hours and it appears that is one of the final steps to be taken before commissioner Roger Goodell hands down his sentence.

While there were some who believed Hill could have been suspended for at least half the season, the further this investigation moves forward, the more people think Hill is going to get a slap on the wrist. More than one source has told various media outlets that they expect the Chiefs' receiver will be suspended a maximum of four games.

Deserving of more?

While no one is willing to be a named source when it comes to predicting just how long Hill will be out, the drumbeat that he will miss a maximum of four games has some Chiefs' fans quite excited. While that would mean he'll miss a quarter or the season, it also means he's going to be back for the playoff run.

On the other hand, Arrowhead Addict points out there are some Kansas City fans who are a bit annoyed it appears Hill is going to be getting a slap on the wrist.

The website put out a poll of its followers to find out whether or not they felt as though Hill should be suspended at all.

While most Kansas City Chiefs fans have coalesced behind the receiver, there is a group of fans who believe he's not receiving enough punishment.

Some of those fans hold that belief, simply because they're not sure whether they can trust that Tyreek Hill is not a violent man, considering he's on tape saying some terrible things.

One user summed up the feelings of those who want him to be suspended longer than what the NFL is likely to hand down: "He is on tape telling the same woman he was convicted of brutalizing that she should be terrified of him.

Do words not mean anything, especially in that context? Absolutely they do and should be taken seriously. He should not be a Chief. Period."

Chiefs ready to have Hill back in time for camp

While the team thinks it will be without him for around four games, the team seems to think it has waited long enough to move forward. While it cut Kareem Hunt last year when he was under investigation for his own violent episode, it doesn't appear the front office is going to cut bait this time.

As a matter of fact, Chiefswire is speculating the team is, or will soon be, talking to Hill about extending his contract. In order to do this, the Kansas City Chiefs would need to reinstate the receiver and make him available for training camp.

The team has made it clear it wants to reward players that show up for the offseason program. It's a safe bet that should the reinstate Tyreek Hill, he would indeed show up. The question is whether or not people would be willing to welcome the player back, and for several more years. While the majority would, there is a vocal minority who would be upset.