When it was announced that Tyreek Hill's criminal investigation was no longer active, there were plenty of Kansas City Chiefs fans who decided that meant he was about to get back on the field. Since that announcement, there have been reports that have thrown some cold water on those assumptions. Among the reasons why Hill might not be back all that soon, is because the NFL still hasn't cleared him.

Mike Florio was among those that pointed out the league could very well take action against the Chiefs' star even if there is not any kind of evidence that he committed violence.

The league is very careful when it comes to domestic violence (now) and they are taking their own sweet time sorting out this situation.

Florio points specifically to the personal conduct policy the NFL has put in place. He said that it's vague on purpose and could be used against Tyreek Hill simply because he's been accused of something.

The 'Jimmy Smith' treatment

The Kansas City Chiefs being without Hill because of the allegations would hardly be the league picking on him. Baltimore Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith learned the lesson that there doesn't need to be a conviction in order to be punished by the NFL. Smith received a four-game suspension for threats he made against the mother of his young child.

Sound familiar?

“The NFL found evidence of threatening and emotionally abusive behaviors by Jimmy toward his former girlfriend that showed a pattern of improper conduct,” the Ravens said when the suspension was announced last year. “Our player’s behavior was inappropriate and wrong.”

That's the kind of statement it feels like the Kansas City Chiefs could be making in the next few weeks or months.

This doesn't need to end like it did with Kareem Hunt. There's no reason to release a player for that kind of punishment. It does mean that Hill will not be back on the field at the beginning of the season.

Soap opera keeps on rolling

Kevin Kietzman of WHB Radio certainly believes that there hasn't been any violence committed by Tyreek Hill.

In a story posted on Monday, the radio personality reported that sources close to the investigation are telling him that neither the player nor his fiancee broke the arm of their three-year-old son's arm.

The allegations that one or both of the parents was involved in that injury is what started this mess in the first place. The problem comes from a now famous recording Espinal made of a particularly angry comment he made to her. "You need to be terrified of me too, dumb b---,” after she told him their son was terrified of Hill.

That comment could absolutely end up keeping Tyreek Hill away from the Kansas City Chiefs' gameplan a bit longer than some fans expect.