Odell Beckham Jr is new to the Cleveland Browns but he's fully embraced his new squad and the city where it's based. That was shown yet again after a fan of the wide receiver passed away earlier this week. In response, the man known as OBJ took to social media to give him a shoutout.

While Beckham Jr is often referred to as a selfish player, he found out that the Browns' fan was a huge fan of the former Giant as well, and exited his self-imposed exile in order to try and support the fan's friends and family during this very difficult time.

Cleveland.com reports that OBJ announced he was going off the grid for a couple of weeks in order to get into game shape.

This is apparently something he's done in previous seasons. When he found out that Patrick Green, a 19-year-old football player from the state of Ohio passed away during an ATV accident.

Green had graduated just a month earlier and was busy celebrating the summer before he began college. When the newest Cleveland Browns star heard about the tragedy he did the only thing he could do in the aftermath.

He took to Twitter to give a shoutout to the player and his family. "R.I.P Pat Green of Rocky River, OH. Heard you’ve been a fan from Day 1 and I appreciate U. My sincere condolences to the Green family on their loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers. LUV" Beckham posted.

Number in homage

Green was indeed a very big fan of the newest Browns' player.

The punter, who was all-state even wore number 13 in order to honor OBJ. This despite the fact that the receiver was playing on a team that had nothing to do with the state of Ohio for most of Green's high school career.

If there is anyone who thought that the tweet was some weird decision by Beckham that wasn't actually appreciated, one of Green's friends made sure people knew that OBJ's gesture would have made Green quite happy.

“Anyone’s who around Pat would know this would mean the world to him, He would be beside himself right now,’’ said Michael Finnegan of Rocky River, according to Cleveland.com.

Fandom goes back to LSU

Finnegan says Green has been a fan of OBJ ever since he entered the draft combine out of LSU. The young punter had heard that the New York Giants were going to be drafting the receiver in the 2014 draft and he started watching the film. He has apparently hooked right off the bat thanks to the obvious talent the pass catcher showed off.

When he was traded to the Cleveland Browns this offseason, Green was obviously happy his favorite player was going to be playing for the teen's home state team. That makes the tragedy of the ATV accident that much worse, as the young fan never got a chance to see the man whose number he wore actually lace them up in a game for the Browns.