The Nebraska football team has made the Top 7 list for a talented, all-purpose back this week. Making the 3-star prospect's list, at this point, is that much more important because McClain is set to announce his commitment in a little less than a month from now.

Nebraska football competing with usual rivals

The Huskers might have won a small victory when it comes to McClain, but there is still quite a few fights to go. Those fights are going to include some head-to-head matchups with several Big Ten rivals. In fact, McClain's Top 7 list is almost exclusively from the Big Ten.

In addition to Nebraska, Michigan, Michigan State, Kentucky, Penn State, Ohio State, and Purdue have made the list. Yes, you're reading that right. The Ohio APB is almost exclusively considering Big Ten teams for his final choice.

Kentucky is an interesting addition that most likely has to do with how close he is to the state based on where he lives in Ohio. The Fairfield native clearly has his heart set either playing around home or with a team that he's watched play against the in-state teams.

247Sports believes JuTahn leans towards the Kentucky Wildcats. That would be quite a get for the SEC team considering how the rest of his picks are all in a different conference.

The good news, for the Nebraska football coaching staff, is that they have a deadline for when they need to be able to secure a commitment. Now the issue at hand is getting the prospect to come to Lincoln to see what Memorial stadium and the surrounding city have to offer.

Nebraska football hosted Texas receiver

Speaking of showing what Lincoln has to offer, Scott Frost and company recently hosted a 3-star receiver, from Texas, for a visit. Thad Johnson might not be the most highly touted prospect on the board, but he's rising in ranks.

The receiver has 18 total offers and that includes some of the best programs in the country.

The good news here is that the Huskers aren't going up against the heavy hitters in the Big Ten. Illinois and Indiana have both offered but Nebraska won't be going up against Ohio State or Penn State, or Michigan.

June has been a very good month for the staff when it comes to landing targets. Last June was especially great for the program. At the moment, it doesn't appear that they are going to be having the same kind of month as they did in 2018 but it's still been a busy spring.

Thad Johnson is just the latest to set foot in Lincoln. Earlier this spring, one of the best defensive tackles still unclaimed came to town. Perrion Winfrey apparently liked what he saw. As is the case with JuTahn McClain, the key for the Nebraska football team at this point is going to be closing the deal with Thad Johnson and adding him to the 2020 class.