The Nebraska football team is hoping to reel in a big JUCO defensive tackle target in Perrion Winfrey. So far, so good. The Iowa Western player had a visit to Lincoln this weekend and liked what he saw. He is considered a talented player and stands at 6-4 and weighs in at 315 pounds. He announced the teams that are currently among his top eight shortly after wrapping up his trip to Lincoln and Memorial Stadium.

Nebraska football makes the cut

The Cornhuskers are in some rarified air when it comes to the teams that are still being considered by Winfrey.

In addition to the Huskers, the defensive tackle named Oregon, Penn State, Oklahoma, Florida State, Alabama, LSU, and Texas. Those are some of the best squads in the country.

The Huskers are competing with Penn State for his services. Having Alabama on the list is never something you want to see when it comes to winning the services of one of the best JUCO players in the 2020 class.

That he has spent his last season in the region could be a boon, as Iowa Western isn't too far down the road from Nebraska.

They can use the proximity to where he's currently spending his time as a nice boost when it comes to keeping their name on his mind.

Winfrey, who racked up 27 tackles and four sacks in his first season at Iowa Western, has not said when he plans to announce where he is going to commit. When you look at the teams that are still in the running for his services, it doesn't seem likely the JUCO target is going to be picking all that soon.

Nebraska football doing well

The good news is that as the recruiting season for the 2020 class enters the summer phase, it appears the Cornhuskers' coaching staff is doing things right when it comes to garnering the attention of their targets. The weekend has been a good one when it comes to making the cut. That is especially the case when talking about talented defensive players.

Over the last few days, The Huskers have been making the top lists for some talented linebackers. Choe Bryant-Strother and Bangally Kamara are not names that Nebraska football fans have heard a lot about over the last few months, but they might need to get to know them quickly.

Both players have announced they are considering the Huskers among their top choices and both players man the linebacker position. Bryant-Strother is an inside linebacker while Kamara plays on the outside. Locking them down, along with Perrion Winfrey, would certainly be a boost when it comes to the Nebraska football team's 2020 class.