The NBA Finals continue to create drama for reasons not involving Drake. During Wednesday's game in Oakland, an incident occurred in the crowd involving the Raptors' Kyle Lowry and a Warriors fan. That fan had Kyle Lowry outraged after the shove. More details have arrived about who that fan was, and now the Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James is weighing in on it.

Warriors' fan gets into it with Lowry

The incident occurred during Game 2 of the NBA Finals with the Toronto Raptors visiting the Warriors in Oakland. A fan sitting in the front row wearing a blue shirt gave Lowry a bit of a shove after his collision with the crowd.

That man wasn't directly in the line of the play as Lowry rushed for the loose ball. However, the incident had Lowry irate after the play as he kept talking to the referee about it.

Lowry appeared on ESPN's SportsCenter following the game to discuss what went down. "He reached over and put his hands on me for no reason, then he said a couple, you know some vulgar words to me..and repeated them," the Raptors' All-Star guard said. Lowry added that he "hopes he's never allowed to come to another game because he shouldn't have did that."

The fan was ejected from the game for the incident.

Lowry went on to say he spoke to the league and security about it too. Lowry added, "fans have a place, but fans like that shouldn't be allowed to be in there."

He finished the game with 23 points to help lead the Raptors to a big road win. The Raptors lead the series 2-1 with Game 4 scheduled for Friday night in Oakland. However, the controversy over that push seems to be taking over headlines too.

LeBron furious over fan, latest action taken

By the way, that fan was later identified to be Golden State Warriors part-owner, Mark Stevens. While he was ejected from the game, and Lowry seems OK, it caught the attention of LeBron James too. James now wants "swift action" taken against Stevens for what went down. That's right, even out of the playoffs, LeBron is still actively watching.

Per TMZ, LeBron is furious over what occurred too. As one of the league's top stars and ambassadors, he's on record saying there's no place in the game for that sort of activity from fans. LeBron also mentioned that as a team executive Stevens "knew the rules more than just the average person" sitting courtside for a game and "Something needs to be done ASAP!"

Check out LeBron's full Instagram video below for more of the King's thoughts on what went down.

The good news is, it appears something was done already. As reported by The Washington Post, Stevens is banned from attending the remaining NBA Finals games. It goes to show that fans can enjoy themselves at games, but the NBA isn't playing around in terms of player safety or harassment by fans. However, LeBron and Kyle Lowry may still want more.