The race is on to make the best deal for the New Orleans Pelicans' Anthony Davis. The Los Angeles Lakers are among the frontrunners when it comes to Davis' next landing spot, as the team seems ready to make a deal. However, they are contending with at least a few other teams. In particular, one team is standing out in the trade possibilities, as the New York Knicks are considered a potential suitor. However, the odds usually tell the story of who has the best chance.

Vegas odds for Lakers, Knicks, & other teams

Las Vegas oddsmakers are known for releasing odds on who will win a game, what the score will be, and even which player will win an MVP Award.

However, they also release odds on things such as which team a superstar will end up with. They did that with LeBron James last summer ahead of his signing with the Lakers.

On Tuesday (June 11), Las Vegas oddsmakers weighed in on the Anthony Davis trade battle. When it comes down to it, they have one team above the competition.

As shown above, the Lakers at -500 are clear favorites right now, so it's their trade to lose out on. They may have done that ahead of this past season's trade deadline, but many individuals, including ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, believe they won't fail this summer.

In second place is the New York Knicks. Based on the recent injury situation with the Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant, one has to think they might reconsider pushing hard for KD and push harder to get AD.

The Vegas odds also included a +1000 for field which refers to any other team trading for Davis. They're giving Davis a very unlikely chance of staying with the Pelicans at +4000.

That's because he's flat out said he wants out of New Orleans. The team owns the No. 1 pick and could draft franchise-changing star Zion Williamson for the future.

Possible Davis trade details

As mentioned, the Lakers' deal during the past season was turned down by the Pelicans. It involved trading young Lakers stars Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, and Kyle Kuzma.

In addition, several other players and draft picks were on the table. While that deal fell through, the team won the No. 4 pick in the NBA Draft lottery last month and has that additional asset to bargain with.

In addition to that, the Pelicans recently said they will be open to a multi-team deal. Adrian Wojnarowski said a Pelicans-Lakers trade could happen as soon as this coming weekend. He mentioned that New Orleans wants to try to get a deal done before June 20, ahead of the NBA Draft. That gives them a bit of time to evaluate more draft picks.

So another deal could be on the way, and it could look similar to what was offered before. This time around, there's at least the knowledge of which pick the Lakers have in the first round.

One has to wonder how many players the Lakers will part with to make this deal happen, though.

Either way, if Woj and Vegas are to be believed, Anthony Davis is highly likely to rock the Lakers purple and gold next season.