Shane McMahon is the son of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and is very active in WWE these days, battling big superstars like Roman Reigns and Miz. He has formed a team with Elias and Drew McIntyre to dominate both Raw and SmackDown. Now according to latest reports, it is believed that Shane McMahon will take the WWE Championship from Kofi Kingston.

This comes from a post on the Twitter account of Wrestlevotes which said, "I’ve asked what the payoff is to this major Shane McMahon push & TV time allotment. No one seems to have a solid answer. One source said he could see [just his speculation here] Shane being the one to defeat Kofi for the title.

That would be something."

Shane was part of some amazing storylines back in the early 2000s against wrestlers like Kane, Stone Cold, Randy Orton and in fact his own father Vince McMahon. He is popularly known for his willingness to throw himself off some really high things.

The second coming of Vince McMahon

There was a time during the WWE Attitude Era when Vince Mcmahon was involved in feuds with some bigger stars like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Similarly, Shane McMahon is feuding with some top class wrestlers like Roman Reigns and Miz. Therefore, it might be expected that Shane McMahon is shaping up to be the Vince McMahon and his recent actions might be an attempt to bring back the Attitude Era. Shane has been getting a longer TV time than his previous days.

Fans were quite shocked at the heel-turn of Shane when he attacked Miz's father and had a rivalry with Miz.

Shane successfully defeated Miz at Wrestlemania 35 followed by his win over Miz again at Money in the Bank. He also defeated "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns at Super ShowDown which was a shocker to many fans. All these wins prove that Shane McMahon is definitely up for a push in WWE. Looking to the rumors which are being spread over social media, it is quite possible that Shane might take the WWE Championship away from Kofi Kingston.

It is not hard to see that it is possible that Vince McMahon might make him WWE Champion.

NJPW Twitter account takes a shot at WWE

It is a well-known fact that WWE Monday Night Raw is suffering from poor ratings. With competitors like All Elite Wrestling, NJPW, Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor, it is struggling to get proper attendance and ratings. Hence, New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) recently took a jibe at WWE by releasing an old match from its library on Monday. This is what the tweet said, "We know there's a real shortage of professional wrestling on Monday nights, so every week we make a new match from our archives free to watch! This week, a war between Tomoaki Honma and Katsuyori Shibata from 2016".