When it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes, two things come to mind. There's his cannon of an arm that threw for over 5,000 yards in his rookie season. There is also the no-look passes that he manages to squeeze into tight places, much to the chagrin of the defenders chasing him.

If that's something you'd expect to see during a real-life Chiefs' game, then apparently it's something you should expect to see in the virtual version. New "Madden NFL 20" beta footage has hit the web today and it turns out that EA Sports is indeed living up to its old motto.

If it's in the game

A YouTube user known as FilthyAngels1 has gotten their hands on some footage of the Madden NFL 20 beta that was just released over the weekend. In that footage, the Kansas City Chiefs are apparently carrying out a practice and in the clip, digital Patrick Mahomes can be seen scrambling to the right and then winging a pass to a receiver on the left side of the field, without so much as a head fake in that direction.

What makes this such a realistic look is that EA Sports developers seem to have included every detail they can in the kind of motion the Kansas City Chiefs' quarterback uses when he is actually slinging it sidearm, effortlessly down the field.

Anyone who loves to play "Madden NFL 20" because the realism has to be heartened that the developers really are working overtime to make you feel as though you are right there on the field.

EA's longtime tag line for these kinds of games was "if it's in the game, it's in the game." In this instance, "it" includes the way Mahomes even brings back his arm while he's getting ready to throw.

Minicamp production

The "Madden NFL 20" beta has something else in common with the real-life Kansas City Chiefs at the moment.

It's still early yet for the devs, who are putting the final touches on the game before it's ready for release.

Meanwhile, Mahomes and company just finished a minicamp as they work to gear up for the regular season. Perhaps the player knew not everyone would be all that sharp at this point in the summer because while we see Mahomes gun the no-look passes to several receivers during this particular practice, none of the passes are complete.

It appears digital Patrick Mahomes needs to sharpen up his accuracy just a little bit. The good news is that both the real player and the digitized version still have some time before they'll be slinging the footballs "for real."

Kansas City Chiefs are going to be taking about a month off from organized collective workouts. They will then get back together on July 24 in order to start the full training camp leading up to the regular season in September. "Madden NFL 20" digital players will have about a week longer to wait until they strap on the pads as the game releases on the Xbox One and PS4 on August 2.