Beyoncé is catching flak after her fans, the Beyhive, allegedly made several hostile death threats toward Nicole Curran, the wife of Golden State Warriors' owner Joe Lacob. It's the result of what happened at Game 3 of the Warriors/Raptors series on Wednesday, June 5. In the newly-surfaced video of Beyoncé and Jay Z at Oracle Arena, Nicole Curran is sitting beside them. From first view, according to the Beyhive, the owner's wife appears rude by talking across Bey to Jay — a newly-minted billionaire.

In the following video, you see that Curran speaks to Jay Z while Beyoncé sits, waiting for her to finish.

However, the Beyhive thinks that the two were offended. But Nicole now responds concerning what was actually happening. According to Nicole Curran, it's nothing like the speculations circulating the Internet — more specifically, rumoring around the Beyhive. ESPN writer Ramona Shelburne says she spoke with Nicole Curran, and she was in tears. According to Ramona, Curran has been getting death threats on social media since last night. On June 6, she disabled her Instagram account just so the nonsense would stop.

Beyoncé: Is the Beyhive really toxic?

Shelburne states that she has invited Jay Z and Beyoncé to Warriors games on multiple occasions. So Curran mentions that, on the night of June 5, she actually was asking if they wanted drinks.

The reporter says Beyoncé asked for water, and Jay Z asked for "Vodka," and specifically a "Vodka soda."

Ramona states that Curran mentions the noise level in Oracle was a problem, and she couldn’t hear. That's when she leaned over to better hear Jay Z. That's where the video clip of Beyoncé was released while looking like she wasn't feeling the owner's wife's gestures.

Northern Star notes that Curran was trying to be hospitable because they don't offer floor service at Warriors games. She says there was no "story," only bullying.

If you haven't seen the video to which everyone is referring, it's also below.

Ramona says that Curran meant no hostility. "I was trying to be a good hostess," Nicole mentions. The owner's wife says she's never experienced cyberbullying on that scale before. Most of all, she can't believe NBA players — more importantly, kids — go through such a thing. These days, it doesn't take much at all for the masses to turn and rally as a mob. And the Beyhive is loyal, even to a fault. To them, Beyoncé is the queen bee, and their defense is incredibly collective.

As can be seen from her social media accounts, she hasn't addressed the situation regarding Curran. It would be the responsible thing at least, to suggest the Beyhive calm down, right? Well, all in all, what are your thoughts concerning the incident? Do you think the Beyhive is far too toxic and over-reactive?