According to BuzzFeed on Thursday, November 30, Jay-Z admitted that he cheated on his wife, Beyoncé. He also explained why he did so. In an interview with the New York Times, the rapper and music mogul did not hold back when he talked about the couple's relationship.

Jay-Z was quite transparent when he talked to executive editor, Dean Baquet. He was not pushed to give answers. Instead, Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Corey Carter, was in a talkative mood and spilled the beans on himself by sharing some very personal and intimate details. After his interview was over, he seemed very relieved.

Some people on social media and daytime talk shows are commending him for admitting what people have been suspecting for a long time.

Her 'Lemonade' and his '4:44'

Jay-Z blames his multiple times of infidelity on his upbringing. He confessed that he is still suffering emotionally from the way he grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Before the interview, there had been rumors of Jay-Z's cheating on his wife. Then both of them addressed their marital problems in their songs.

Most of Beyoncé’s fans knew what she was alluding to in her 2016 track, “Sorry.” She referenced a woman named Becky with the good hair. That was the singer's way of describing the "other woman." It was interesting because at the time people were wondering who "Becky" was.

Beyoncé mentioned infidelity in her album "Lemonade."

Not only did Beyoncé sing about her husband's cheating, but the 47-year-old singer and businessman alluded to his cheating in his "4:44" track that was released last summer. He apologized to his wife and sang about his children. He concluded in the lyrics that he didn't deserve his 36-year-old wife.

It was announced on Monday that the rapper received eight Grammy nominations for "4:44."

The rapper summarized his situation by saying he cheated as a result of shutting down his emotions. He and his wife used their music as a form of therapy to help them with their marital troubles. He revealed that he and Beyoncé addressed their issues by creating music together for a joint album that was never released.

His mother

During the interview, Jay-Z took the time to talk about his mother, Gloria Carter. He said he is closer to her now more than ever since she came out of the closet to him. He said he had known she was a lesbian ever since he was a teenager, but they had never addressed it. He says he feels much better about it now that she has confessed it to him herself. He describes their conversations as beautiful, and it feels like they are just getting to know each other. He says they were good friends before, but they are even better friends now that she isn't keeping a secret from him.