Beyoncé was spotted looking very stunning as she stepped out for a Date Night with Jay Z last Wednesday in Los Angeles. The 35-year old singer was seen together with her husband for the second time in public after giving birth to their baby twins in June. It seemed that motherhood looks really well on the famous singer. Entertainment Tonight has shared that Beyoncé was wearing a striped wrap-dress and her hair was gorgeously and voluminously curls.

On the other hand, the famous rapper was also spotted walking behind her. He was sporting a black leather jacket and jeans despite Los Angeles' hot weather.

The new parents of twins seemed to be enjoying their romantic night together.

Couple arrived with bodyguards

It was not the first time for Beyoncé and Jay Z to come out to a date together. An eyewitness has shared to Entertainment Tonight that the sweet couple previously arrived at the Sushi Park Restaurant with their two bodyguards. Further, it was also reported that Beyoncé and Jay Z were both friendly and approachable to the staff and crew of the restaurant.

Another report has also shared that the famous couple enjoyed their dinner a lot. Meanwhile, both were also seen talking with their bodyguards and the restaurant's staff. It seemed that it hasn't been a usual date for the couple. After eating dinner, both were spotted romantically staring at the moon together while Jay Z was also seen holding Beyoncé's back.

Full of smiles

Beyoncé and Jay Z seemed to have the best of their life together. As per a report from ET, the couple looked very happy and both were seen in full smiles during their date. Apparently, both have shown how affectionate they were with each other behind the spotlight.

Their recent Romantic Date was the second time for Beyoncé to be spotted after more than a month of giving birth to Rumi and Sir Carter.

To recall, the couple was also seen together at a late dinner somewhere in Malibu, California last July. Despite being a hands on parents to the twins, Beyoncé and Jay Z have made sure that they can still go out for a date as a couple.

Further, it was also learned that the famous couple has been adjusting their new life together with their twins.

Tina Knowles, Beyoncé' mom, has shared that she is proud looking how happy the brunette singer has been to her family. She further added that Beyoncé's eldest child, Blue Ivy, was also a great elder sister to the newborn twins.

Apparently, the new parents are doing their best to still give the best time for each other despite being devoted to taking care of their children.