As if the Kansas City Chiefs didn’t have their hands full with the Tyreek Hill situation, now the team is dealing with yet another player and alleged threats of violence. This time, the player in the middle of the controversy is one of the newest additions to the team in defensive back, Tyrann Mathieu.

The defender, who was a free agent signing this winter, is embroiled in what has become an increasingly ugly fight with members of his extended family. That fight has led to Mathieu claiming they are trying to extort him. In retaliation for either not bending to their will, or issuing the accusations, those family members released a set of text messages they claim come from the current Kansas City Chiefs player.

Ugly situation gets uglier

The messages that are supposedly from Mathieu were made public after they were shown in open court, as part of an ongoing federal investigation. The defender claims that a cousin of his, Geourvon Sears has been attempting to extort him for millions of dollars.

Sears and another relative, Toya Matthews are showing off text messages they say were part of a group that insinuated Mathieu had put “hits” out on them and other members of the feuding family.

As KCTV News 5 reports, some of the messages were pictures of the family members with text saying “2K” and “5K.” Sears and Matthews claim those are the amounts of money Mathieu claimed he was offering up to anyone who physically hurt them.

Other messages that are said to be from the Chiefs’ star player say things like “ON GOD! Imma break yo jaw b*****” and “IMMA BREAK EVERY BONE IN YO FACE.”

Mathieu fighting back

Since the alleged plot by the family members came to light, Mathieu has hired one of the more well-known lawyers in the St. Louis area to take his case.

Late last week, that attorney, Scott Rosenblum released a statement saying that Mathieu had been “victimized by malevolent family members” and that the defender was the victim of a “shakedown.”

The Kansas City Chiefs’ player has also filed alleged that Sears contacted him and demanded $5 million or he would contact TMZ and claim that Mathieu had sexually assaulted him.

Sears is the only member of the family facing criminal charges, but Toya Mathews has jumped into the middle of the situation with her own allegations.

While what exactly is true and how much of this is just family members who are taking squabbling to a new degree, it’s clear that this is something the team would rather not have come to light at all.

If those text messages were sent by Tyrann Mathieu, it doesn’t put the player in the best of lights, even if fans believe he has a right to be angry. For now, much like the Tyreek Hill situation, the team, the NFL and its fans will just have to watch and wait.