Chicago Cubs fans who are wondering just if and when Ben Zobrist might be back with the club are no closer to getting that answer. Having said that, the resurfacing of his wife, Julianna Zobrist on social media could be a hint that the couple is about to exit the information blackout phase of what has to be a painful time in both their lives. The couple has filed divorce papers and the Cubs' second baseman has been taking a leave of absence from the team. While it wasn't originally known exactly why he was taking that leave, it's become obvious that the man who uses his wife's music as his walk-up song is dealing with a crumbling marriage.

'I am still here'

Juliana Zobrist took to her personal Instagram account for, the first time in three weeks, on Saturday night. While she didn't shed any light on just what might be happening, she didn't confirm that things are not particularly happy in Zobrist land. The Christian Rock singer posted a picture of herself and her three children with the caption, “Hi. I am still here. Somewhat in the mire, but I am still here.”

She went on to share a thank you to the people who have been supportive of her as she goes through what appears to be a prolonged divorce process with the Chicago Cubs second baseman. "Thank you for stepping forward and not back. Thank you for not shutting your eyes. Thank you for holding my heart within yours, even while you do not yet understand exactly what you are holding.

Someday I will share my story with you…but not today."

To some degree, the post underlines that both Zobrists have been quite private about just what they are going through and how they are dealing with it. The only reason Chicago Cubs fans know there is any problem with the marriage is because both have filed papers that are a matter of public record.

Neither has gone on the record with any member of the media to talk about how and what they are doing while they stay out of the public eye on the baseball field and social media.

Problems surfaced in the spring

The first signs that something was not right in Ben Zobrist's world showed up during spring training. Early on, as the rest of the team reported to camp, the Cubs utility man, who has one of the biggest hits in the franchise's history during the 2016 World Series showed up late.

Theo Epstein and Joe Maddon were quick to point out that they were perfectly fine with the late reporting date. When he did show up late, there was speculation it was just a matter of an aging veteran wanting to rest as long as he could. There were also some rumors that Zobrist might have been less than happy [VIDEO] with what the team did in the offseason. That includes not going after Bryce Harper as a free agent.

It turns out the absence was indeed that the Chicago Cubs star was starting to deal with the eventual breakup of his marriage.