Interesting news is coming to the world of the NBA. According to Brian Windhorst, Kyrie Irving could be part of the Lakers and on the field with LeBron. Irving would have carefully evaluated the performance and results of the Lakers, who ended a stellar season. However, Irving has not yet digested the departure of Magic Johnson. During the press conference, LeBron was able to officially communicate Frank Vogel, who will be the promising Head Coach. The champion and Vogel will recruit free agents over the summer months, which is not an easy task.

Other NBA rumors instead see Durant very close to the Clippers, although at the moment, the main objective of the player is to completely heal from his injury for the NBA finals starting on May 30.

'NBA': Irving could land in the Lakers

According to the latest NBA news, and in particular what was reported in the 'New York Post', Irving's ideas are quite clear. Among his possible destinations for next year are the Celtics, Knicks, Nets and, Lakers. It seems that among these teams, Irving has a certain preference for the Nets. On the other hand, however, Durant's goal would be the Knicks. Besides the Lakers, Irving has not ruled out the possibility of joining the Golden State Warriors.

To know what Irving's final decision will be, we'll have to wait a little longer, when the situation will be more defined and clear.

It's no mystery that LeBron particularly likes Irving, as one of his likes and dislikes one of his Instagram posts showed. In the post in question, Irving photographed himself with a Lakers jersey, sending LeBron into raptures. Between the two, in the past, there had been misunderstandings.

LeBron and Irving whit the Lakers

Despite this, it seems that Irving and LeBron have managed to mend their relationship of mutual respect.

To confirm the hypothesis that Irving arrives at the Lakers, there is a statement by Windhorst. It seems that LeBron recently got in touch with Jimmy Butler and Kawhi Leonard, two important partners of the free agency surmounted by Durant. Irving also did not have an easy path with the Celtics, having often been overshadowed or on the contrary, made the protagonist of burning controversy.

It is not excluded that Irving may receive the long-awaited phone call from LeBron. Undoubtedly, the Lakers have several tricky situations to resolve, but this will not prevent them from focusing on new engagements that can strengthen their training.

So, it looks like Irving and Durant are coming to the City of Stars soon. According to the New York Times, at the moment, Kevin Durant is working hard to make the most of his injury and get into great shape in the NBA finals. It seems that Durant is a possible arrival at the Clippers, while the Lakers are Irving's landing place. The relationships with LeBron could give the extra push for the final decision of the strong player. We'll see.