The Los Angeles Lakers rumors will continue to swirl this offseason as the team tries to bounce back from last season's disappointment. The latest speculation involves which NBA free agents the team might try to lure to sign with the Lakers nation. In the latest rumors, it's mentioned that all-time great Kobe Bryant is doing his part to try to bring a former teammate back to LeBron James. The news arrives as rumors circulate about where Kevin Durant might sign to play next season, among other players.

Bucher's insight about possible Lakers signing

On a recent edition of "The Herd w/Colin Cowherd," NBA insider Ric Bucher stopped by to talk hoops. During his appearance, Bucher mentioned that none other than Kyrie Irving is contemplating a new team. Since Kyrie's attempt to win with the Boston Celtics has been a failure for the All-Star, he's now split between either the Brooklyn Nets or Los Angeles Lakers. Bucher explains in the video clip below.

The interesting aspect that Bucher mentions is that originally he was under the impression Kobe Bryant wasn't involved.

However, in just the past 24 hours it appears that the Black Mamba has been doing his best recruiting job to get Kyrie to sign up with the Lakers. Bucher also mentioned that based on the recent home purchase in South orange, he expects Kyrie will join the Brooklyn Nets.

Is Kyrie's best fit in New York or L.A.?

It's been mentioned by other NBA analysts or on-air personalities that Kyrie Irving is the best fit with LeBron James.

They proved that as teammates in Cleveland where they captured a championship for the city several seasons ago. That took place during the miraculous comeback in the NBA finals. However, Kyrie ultimately decided he wanted to get out of LeBron's shadow and try to win on his own. He was traded to the Boston Celtics, but unfortunately, things haven't worked out for him there.

Kyrie's still been at an All-Star level, so he'll bring those skills to any team he joins. If it's the Brooklyn Nets, he'd be paired in the backcourt with fellow Eastern Conference All-Star D'Angelo Russell. There's been the talk of him joining the New York Knicks along with Kevin Durant, which would be quite an All-Star pairing. If he goes to the Lakers, he's reuniting with his former Cavs teammate for a chance at another title. That would make things interesting as far as the roster goes since point guard Lonzo Ball was a major pick for the team just a few seasons ago.

Interestingly, there are those doubters and critics who might be quick to criticize Irving should he rejoin LeBron James in trying to win a title.

That's because of his previous decision to distance himself from King James. So, in the end, he may end up trying yet another new squad to see what he can do. Will it be the Knicks or the Nets?

All that said, one has to think that he'd have a better chance to capture another NBA championship with one of the greatest players to step on the court.