There is very little doubt that the Cleveland Browns are quite happy with what quarterback Baker Mayfield has done for the team since taking over as the starter. Despite being a rookie quarterback, who was dealing with the loss of his head coach, Mayfield had himself a heck of a first season.

The success that he was able to have in his rookie season has had more than a few people start to talk about just how good he could become. That includes former NFL wide receiver Nate Burleson. During a recent segment for the NFL network, Burleson laid out his case for the similarities he sees between Mayfield and former Green Bay Packers' quarterback Brett Favre.

In laying out those comparisons, Burleson was quite complimentary to the Browns' signal caller.

Mayfield started the comparisons

It's a safe bet that Baker has no problem being compared to Favre. In fact, during the 2018 NFL draft, he posted a photo on Twitter that was meant to evoke the day when Favre was selected. Mayfield even put on the same kind of jean shorts that the Hall of Fame gunslinger wore.

Browns' quarterback throws like the best of the best

The picture was obviously meant as a bit of a joke but the similarities to the way he throws the football are not, according to Burleson.

During his segment, he showed tape of the way that Favre played during his heydays. He then laid out some film from last season where Baker was making some of the same kinds of throws.

In particular, Burleson said that Baker Mayfield has the same kind of ability to put the ball into a very tight window. For those who watched Favre, they may remember that the former Packer seemed to truly see just how small a window he could fit the football in.

The Browns' quarterback hasn't gotten that kind of reputation just yet, but it is pretty clear that he has no problem trying to thread the needle if he believes it has to be done. That's the kind of gunslinger mentality that could lead to a very long and successful NFL career, as long as he isn't just tossing it up there and hoping.

Burleson also said that Mayfield is prone to some risky throws from time to time. That is indeed similar to Favre as well. It's why the quarterback had his fair share of interceptions in his day. The thing with the Packers' quarterback is that he had success far more than he had failure. So far, the same can be said of the Cleveland Browns' quarterback.

Where Mayfield stands out, according to Burleson is that the Browns' QB is a better decision maker. That is quite the claim but it's not a crazy assertion. Favre considered himself a gunslinger, that led to bad throws every now and then. It's possible that Mayfield, being a more polished college quarterback could have a step up on the Packers' great.

If Baker Mayfield can continue to get that kind of reputation and those kinds of comparisons, he could be one of the favorite players to ever put on the pads for the Cleveland Browns.