Kansas Chiefs fans better buckle up. It appears that cornerback Patrick Peterson is being mentioned in the same breath as the Chiefs again. This time, CBS Sports was discussing the trades that would make sense in the NFL now that the draft has finished. Peterson to the Chiefs was one of the top trade targets the analysts on the site predicted.

As CBS noted, "Patrick Peterson won't come out and say it, but it kind of seems like he doesn't want to play for the Cardinals anymore." This is hardly the first time the current Arizona Cardinals' back had asked for a trade for the first time last October.

Shortly after he demanded a trade, he backtracked. He even apologized for making it so public that he was going to be asking out. But now that the season is over and the NFL Draft has come and gone, there is plenty of talk that he wants to get out of the desert.

Peterson is burning his bridges

Over the last few months, the defensive back's behavior has been less than inspiring. He has removed the Cardinals from any mention of his social media accounts. He's also spent quite a bit of time taking shots at the team he's still a member of, for now.

One of the latest moves he's made to show that he's really not happy with the Arizona front office is a picture of Peterson, as well as several former teammates who are no longer with the Cardinals.

He captioned the photo, "My boys told me to watch out for the snakes in the long grass!"

Now it appears that the team and new head coach Kliff Kingsbury aren't expecting to see the defensive back report to OTAs. When talking about the fact that he wasn't guaranteed to be showing up to offseason camps, Kingsbury did appear to try and give him the benefit of the doubt, saying that they were all voluntary.

At the same time, the Cardinals have made it clear that there isn't a stated reason for why Peterson wouldn't report to the Cardinals camp. It appears it's one more reason why he might be traded. The Chiefs have already been rumored to be a landing spot.

KC could be the perfect destination

As CBS Sports points out, should the Cardinals really start shopping Patrick Peterson, there shouldn't be an NFL team that wouldn't very much want the defensive back on the roster.

He's been an All-Pro for three seasons and he has a pretty decent contract that last another two years. The Kansas City Chiefs could be the final spot that he's shipped to because it would make quite a bit of sense for both sides.

The Chiefs are attempting to revamp their defense, already trading and signing several defensive additions for a unit that was 31st in the NFL in total defense. One of those additions is Tyrann Mathieu. That could be big because Peterson's picture of his former teammates includes Mathieu. If the Cards do shop the defensive back, there are more than a few people who think the Chiefs would be the best spot to go.