The Nebraska basketball team could be setting up for another big recruiting win this weekend. French power forward Yvan Ouedraogo announced on Saturday morning that he's ready to announce where he will be attending college.

The international prospect has the Huskers as riding high since they came out of virtually nowhere to become a contender for his services. The forward had been looking at Vanderbilt, TCU or Georgia Tech. Then he took a visit to Nebraska to see what Fred Hoiberg and company had to offer.

Narrowing down the list

After he took in all that Lincoln and the Nebrasketball program had to offer, it appears he was starting to be won over.

Not long after that visit, he announced a "new" top three. While the Horned Frogs and Yellow Jackets were not actually new additions, the Cornhuskers replaced the Commodores on his list.

After the power forward paired down the teams he was looking for, the next step was obviously to announce his final decision. The soon-to-be import from France isn't going to be keeping people waiting much longer. Turns out that Sunday, his local time will be the day when he finally pulls the trigger.

While Nebraska basketball has certainly been on the rise when it comes to his radar, it's hard to know if they've risen enough.

The fact that two of the other teams on his list have been there longer and made the second round of "cuts" means that Husker fans might want to prepare themselves for a loss. On the other hand, Fred Hoiberg and company have been very good at sealing the deal once they get a recruit in their crosshairs.

Raking in the commits

Should Yvan Ouedraogo pull the trigger on the Cornhuskers it would be the second commit the Hoiberg and company have gotten in the past few days. Nebraska is still celebrating a big win when they got a transfer from Nevada.

Shamiel Stevenson made it clear he liked what he saw from the Nebraska basketball team on his official visit earlier this week.

Steven committed on Friday afternoon. The player came to Lincoln by way of Pitt first and then Nevada.

The guard was thinking he would be playing for Eric Musselman on the Wolf Pack but the former Nevada coach left for greener pastures in Arkansas. That is the reason the Huskers are hoping they can get Stevenson a waiver that would allow him to start playing for Nebraska in the fall semester. If they don't get that waiver granted, it would mean that he wouldn't be able to suit up for Nebrasketball until after December.

With the addition of Stevenson to the roster, and the jettisoning of Brady Heiman, Amir Harris, and Karrington Davis, the Nebraska basketball team has three more openings on its roster. They are hoping that Yvan Ouedraogo could fill an opening.