This past NBA season, one of the major stories ahead of the trade deadline involved the Los Angeles Lakers' attempts to bring Anthony Davis to play alongside LeBron James. L.A.'s trade deals failed, and some believed they even led to being part of the Lakers' demise, due to affecting the mindstates of players involved in the headlines. There's still the potential for a deal to occur, and with new front office personnel arriving for New Orleans and Los Angeles, things could get interesting. As LeBron contemplates his future goals, things could even take an ironic turn in one proposed trade idea from Bleacher Report.

LeBron, Davis could join forces in an NBA trade

Of course, nobody has proposed that the way LeBron James and Anthony Davis might join forces is by teaming up for the Lakers' biggest rivals. That's the proposed idea in a report from Bleacher Report's Preston Ellis. In his Saturday (Apil 13) article, Ellis suggested that the Boston Celtics could become a trade partner with the Lakers and Pelicans. However, in the wild proposed deal, the Celtics would come out as the team holding the two stars.

Ellis proposes that a three-team deal could go down. The Lakers would have to give up on the idea of building their franchise without LeBron or Davis.

The deal would also help both the Lakers and Pelicans restock their rosters and potentially add more draft talent. It might even make the Celtics among the scariest teams in the league again.

The Boston Celtics would give up quite a bit in the deal in order to secure two of the league's top talents. They'd send Marcus Smart, Jayson Tatum, and three future first-round picks to New Orleans.

They'd move Jaylen Brown, Al Horford, and a pair of 2019 first-round picks to the Lakers. Once all that happened, they'd have Anthony Davis and LeBron James in Celtics green.

NBA deals looming this summer?

It's always fun to examine the speculation out there, and this is certainly a blockbuster trade idea from Bleacher Report that would shock the sports world.

However, one has to remember, the Boston Celtics have stockpiled assets. If they fail to make it to the NBA finals this season, there's the strong likelihood they'll be rebooting their roster for a new approach.

The Lakers and Pelicans are also looking to rebuild or reboot. However, it seems unlikely that Los Angeles is going to make this crazy deal, right? There will be a new front office individual coming in to help out as well as the hiring of a new head coach. With former Cavs coach Tyronn Lue and former Pelicans coach Monty Williams among the frontrunners for the job, it seems likely that LeBron will stay put.

The team has at least one season before Davis can sign as a free agent.

Speaking of free agents, the continuing story ahead of the summer and NBA draft is how packed this free agency class will be. That provides all three teams plenty of options to look at. Unless someone comes into the Lakers picture with a lot of guts to make the first-ever trade involving LeBron James, expect free agency and other moves to be in play way before James' name is ever mentioned as tradeable.