The Nebraska basketball team officially has its first hire under Fred Hoiberg. The new Huskers coach wasted no time in getting his first assistant coach in place for the Huskers he has hired away Matt Abdelmassih from St. John's University. Cornhusker fans should be thrilled with this particular hire, as he's considered an ace recruiter who brought most of the talent the Red Storm used to get to the NCAA tournament this season.

Some SJU fans not taking the departure well

For the most part, St. John's fans have known for the last few days that Abdelmassih was going to be moving on and reuniting with Hoiberg.

That doesn't mean that everyone is taking it well. Every school is going to have some fans that are less than excited about losing a talented assistant coach in what appears to be a lateral move. Certainly, there were Cornhusker fans that weren't happy when it happened under Tim Miles.

One particular fan showed just how frustrated he was, with the loss, by making a brand new profile picture showing the face of the assistant coach on the body of a rat. He also made his user name @RatAbdelmassih. His profile name, SJU Basketball Historian certainly shows the fandom he feels a part of and shows that there are people a bit crusty about losing such a good coach.

Other fans are not only not happy that Abdelmassih has moved on but think it might be the end of the run for St. John's head coach Chris Mullins. There were other fans who made it clear they thought Hoiberg being fired by the Bulls would be bad news for Red Storm fans in general when he finally got another job.

Nebraska basketball coaching staff filling out fast

Just hours after Abdelmassih was officially announced as moving on, yet another of Hoiberg's assistants was named. Lincoln Journal Star reporter Steve Sipple is reporting that Charlie Henry will be coming to Lincoln to rejoin his old boss. Both Henry and Abdelmassih coached at Iowa State when Fred Hoiberg was the head man there.

Henry also followed the new Nebraska basketball coach to Chicago when he was hired by the Bulls.

When Hoiberg was fired from his NBA gig, Henry managed to get another position with the organization. He took the head coaching job with the G League Windy City Bulls. It appears now that his former boss has found a landing place that he looks to call home for a while now, having signed a seven-year deal, Charlie Henry wants to call Lincoln home as well. That leaves just one more opening on the Nebraska basketball staff to be filled, just days after Fred Hoiberg was officially hired.