Maurice Washington might take a big step in finding out his Nebraska football future on Wednesday.

The Husker running back has returned to California for an important step in what has been an exceedingly long process. Washington has been under investigation for allegedly texting a young woman a video of her being sexually assaulted since last fall.

In California, kind of texting is considered a felony and he could even be charged with child pornography, a felony all on its own. On Wednesday afternoon, he will go in front of the judge and officially enter a plea.

Several things could happen after that. According to to the Omaha World-Herald, the judge will be reviewing whether or not the bond he filed to be out and about at the moment is enough, needs to be raised, or revoked entirely.

While Washington has seemingly done nothing to make the judge think the bond needs to be revoked, this is a serious crime that authorities in the player's home state are not taking lightly.

Good news coming for Nebraska football?

While the worst case scenario would be the bond is raised to the point where he can't pay it or revoked entirely, there is good news possible from the hearing, which takes place at 1:30 PM central time. It's possible that Maurice Washington officially entering a plea could be the first step towards the player and the prosecutors reaching some sort of deal.

The player did not take the video of his ex-girlfriend being sexually assaulted. That's the good news. It's possible that Washington and his defense lawyers could make the case that what he did in taunting her with the video was reprehensible but was the act of a childish person who wasn't thinking clearly at the moment. If the state buys that, and a deal can indeed be worked out, probation is a possibility.

The biggest question is whether or not the prosecution has decided they want to make an example out of the star player for the big-time program.

Perhaps they are casting it as someone who thought he could get away with anything. If they are going to the jugular, it's hard to think Washington is going to be a member of the football team for very much longer.

Normalcy is the goal

Since spring practice started, Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost has made it clear that he wants Maurice Washington's day-to-day routine to be as "normal" as possible. Frost believes that what's best for the young man's mental health.

The coaching staff has pointed to that goal as the reason the running back has participated in some practices. The fact that he's missed quite a bit of time stands out as proof that the situation surrounding the team is anything but normal.

That limited action has led more than a few people to believe Maurice Washington's time on the Nebraska football team is almost up. How the hearing goes on Wednesday afternoon could be a big hint as to what to expect moving forward.