The NBA season is about over and there has been a lot of drama in the league when it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, and some other teams in the league. There was recently some beef between Paul Pierce and Dwyane Wade for his comments that he had a better career than he had.

Recently there was an NBA poll conducted by the players themselves for various categories that include who should be the MVP, which coach would they wanna play for most, who's the best defender, and who's the most underrated. But one of the categories that is causing the most stir is the most overrated players with two players being tied for 1st.

Two overrated players tied

The two players who are tied for most overrated includes triple-double machine Russell Westbrook and Golden State Warrior Draymond Green. Many found this to be absurd and ridiculous but there could be reasons why people voted them as the two most overrated in the NBA.

There are many glaring statistics that show that Russell Westbrook is not the phenomenal player that many believe him to be. The guard does not shoot well from the floor, especially from the three-point line, and the way that he plays the game with his fast-paced style has him average a lot of turnovers that ultimately hurts a team's chances of winning a game. This year alone has been one of the lowest in his career from the three-point line and the charity stripe.

People could also hold it against Russ that he has played for powerhouse teams and has not won a ring and might not throughout his entire NBA career. Many can say evidence pointing to him being overrated was found when Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were not able to seal the deal years ago when they were up 3-1 against the Golden State Warriors.

As much as both can be blamed for the loss the point guard has to take some blame for that.

Now when it comes to Draymond Green this is an easy scenario. Since he is on a champion caliber team and the best in the league arguably, his value does not show as much as it could, especially when it comes to his struggles shooting the ball.

Other players who are voted as overrated include Andrew Wiggins, Jimmy Butler, and Karl-Anthony Towns. Some of these make sense as their teams have not played well and have not lived up to their potential, besides Towns possibly.

MVP, other categories

According to the players poll and an article from, 44.3 percent voted James Harden as league MVP compared to the 38.9 percent who voted for the "Greek Freak" or Giannis Antetokounmpo. Paul George, Joel Embiid, and others trailed far behind.

The MVP race is pretty close as Giannis has the Bucks at the number 1 spot in the East with the best record in the NBA, while James Harden propelled the Rockets to heights after the team was rattled with injuries to key players such as Chris Paul, Clint Capela, and Eric Gordon.

Harden has been seen as an MVP for his scoring, dishing, and playmaking abilities.

Players voted Kawhi Leonard as the best defender behind Paul George, Rudy Gobert, Patrick Beverley, and others. Jrue Holiday was voted as the most underrated player with 16.3% of the votes with Damian Lillard and Khris Middleton at 6.8 percent.

The coach that players voted that they most would want to play for was unsurprisingly Gregg Popovich with 40.9% and despite the turmoil with the Celtics, their coach Brad Stevens was at the second spot. Steve Kerr was at third place with only 7.8 percent.

Players voted referee Tony Brothers as the worst with 24.5 percent

Kevin Durant's big decision

Kevin Durant has a big choice to make this offseason about whether he should stay with the reigning champion Golden State Warriors, who will most likely not be able to retain all of their key players.

He could also choose to join another contender. The player is still facing criticism for his decision years ago to join the powerhouse team and could be looking to leave to prove himself and the critics wrong.

According to the poll, players listed that they believe that the superstar will join the New York Knicks next season with a high 63.3 percent voting that option. Remaining with the Warriors is the second choice at 20.2 percent with the Brooklyn Nets listed at only 4.5 percent, surprisingly. The Nets have been a surprise for many this year as they have made the playoffs this season and are on the rise with their young talented players and cap space to sign a free-agent.