James LeBron remembered Nipsey Hussle. The famous American rapper was killed in front of his clothing store by gunshots. The main suspect is a young boy, who was seen at the scene of the crime. He would approach the rapper, shooting him mercilessly. Two other people were involved in the shooting, who would not be in danger of their lives. Nipsey Hussle was part of a gang when he was a boy, the Rollin 60's Neighborhood. Currently, the band has formed an alliance with the Crips. The motive for the rapper's murder could be related to a conflict between the two gangs, as often happens.

Hussle's death was hard to digest. The world of rap is in mourning. Many famous people have expressed their condolences. Among them was James LeBron, who spoke about his friend.

LeBron upset by the death of Nipsey Hussle

The death of Nipsey Hussle has discouraged many famous people. James LeBron wanted to remember the rapper and friend with words of closeness, which express esteem for him. For LeBron, Hussle was not only a friend but also a man committed to social issues. LeBron gave a long interview to CBS, in which he recalled his friend Hussle, killed by a 20-year-old gunshot in front of his clothing store. ''It's another tragedy in the city center," said LeBron, who added, "It's one of the most unfortunate events in American history." James suggested that Hussle's death was linked to a story of resentment and envy.

Probably, those who murdered him failed to achieve anything in his life of importance and so he vents his anger on a person like Nipsey. The artist in fact, despite having grown up in a difficult environment, has managed to be famous

Hussle was a model for LeBron

LeBron believes the motive for Hussle's murder is resentment. He then had words of respect for his friend and his art, defining his music as a sort of 'gift' that he was given and was able to give back to his fans.

In addition to the Lakers player, the entire NBA community also expressed its condolences to Hussle's family and friends. The Lakers, in particular, dedicated their game to the rapper, arousing the emotion of the fans. Hussle had also made his music a means of improving the community. His goal was to become a guide, a model to follow in his neighborhood and beyond.

As James LeBron recalls, most likely the killer did not have a guide in his life as strong. James also added that his friend was a hard worker, determined and knew what he wanted. He was able to create beautiful things from nothing and wanted to share them with others. In addition, says LeBron in the interview with CBS, Hussle was a model who could also follow how he behaved in his private life: he was a good father, a true friend and even a model for the elderly people in his neighborhood, who had a great admiration for him.