As of Wednesday night, the NBA history books have been updated as LeBron James passed Michael Jordan on the NBA's all-time scoring list. James was able to achieve the necessary points to pass MJ for No. 4 all-time after his driving layup in the second quarter. That game ended up being a loss to the Denver Nuggets but was a major milestone for King James. It also brought congratulations from his good pal Dwyane Wade, and surprisingly, a statement from "His Airness."

MJ issues statement to LeBron

According to Bleacher Report, Jordan issued a very simple statement towards the Los Angeles Lakers star on his latest achievement.

Michael Jordan said (per CNN's Jill Martin), "I want to congratulate LeBron on achieving another great milestone during his amazing career."

Some may consider MJ's message surprising in that he often doesn't praise King James all that much in public. Jordan was visibly absent from a lot of this year's NBA All-Star Game events in Charlotte, North Carolina, while LeBron James seemed front and center. Some took it as MJ not wanting to be seen associated with King James, while others figured it was due to Jordan's birthday celebration also going on that weekend.

There's also the continual comparisons, as Michael Jordan is considered the standard that many star players after him are measured by. James has been continuously scrutinized by that sort of review, and that's become especially true as he chases NBA titles.

A recent video showed Scottie Pippen criticizing James compared to MJ and Kobe. MJ is also the player that many of today's players might have idolized growing up, although it's getting to the point where LeBron is one of these players now.

LeBron chasing G.O.A.T. status still

There are some who believe the latest accolade for King James helps give him another talking point as greatest of all time.

However, there are those who will continue to point to Michael Jordan's transformation of the game back in a day when it was lackluster. MJ wasn't just a scoring star, but an icon, and one who was considered capable of willing his team to wins.

The same was often considered for LeBron James, but in the modern game, he's been running into super teams like the Warriors.

This latest season has been one of the roughest outings in his career. Not only was he sidelined by injury for the longest stretch in his career, but he's also in danger of missing the NBA Playoffs.

James' latest achievement is certainly one of greatness. It puts his name in the NBA history books and there's no doubt he'll go down as one of the greatest to play the game of basketball.

All that said, James isn't done with the game yet or the record books. Next up on the scoring list is none other than Kobe Bryant. The Lakers champion holds the No. 3 spot, but LeBron most likely wants to chase the total number of titles that Kobe has. He's not far off, but it may take some help in Los Angeles. With fellow stars like Kevin Durant praising LeBron, he just might get some extra help. Stay tuned for the offseason.