The Nebraska football team is going to be hosting what could be one of its top linebacker targets for the 2021 class very soon (Jermaine Hamilton-Jordan). The youngster is still years away from committing to one school or another, but it does appear he's liked what he's seen from previous unofficial visits to Memorial Stadium. Earlier this week, Jordan-Hamilton shouted out a bit of love to the Cornhuskers, despite being just days away from embarking on an unofficial visit to a rival school.

Nebraska football appears very much in play

Near the end of February, the outside linebacker had announced his plans to do some visits toward the end of this stretch of winter.

He went and visited the Arkansas Razorbacks on March 2 and then had a quick turnaround and visited the Iowa Hawkeyes on March 3. This weekend, he's slated to head to Columbia, Missouri to visit the Tigers.

Hamilton-Jordan will then take a few weekends off, perhaps to review what he saw in his previous visits before he comes to Nebraska on March 30. While he's been a busy prospect, despite being a member of the 2021 class, it's clear the Huskers are on his mind. On Tuesday afternoon (March 5), he tweeted out a picture of himself standing between the Davis twins with the message "continue the family movement.

I'll be back soon."

Hamilton-Jordan tweeted out a similar message back in February after he took an initial unofficial visit saying, "No Other Place Like Nebraska.

I Love the visits up there I’ll be back soon." Considering Jermaine Hamilton-Jordan hails from Kansas City, it's not that long a trek to come see Memorial Stadium whenever he wants. Of course, his KC home is also why Cornhusker fans might be a bit nervous about Missouri being in the picture.

Talented linebacker could be a big get for Nebraska

The Huskers are hoping this many visits to Lincoln (which just happens to be the name of his high school as well) is a very good sign. The team has been burned by linebackers, in particular, shunning the school despite originally showing quite a bit of interest. The latest burn came from Dylan Jordan, who appeared to be a lock for Nebraska at one point.

Jermaine Hamilton-Jordan is still somewhat of an under the radar prospect, but he might not be for long.

He recorded 91.5 tackles, 15.5 tackles for loss, nine sacks, and an interception in his first season of high school ball. Should he have a similar season in 2019, Nebraska football will have plenty of company when it comes to suitors for his services.