On Saturday night, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers had what looked to be their easiest game on the schedule in recent times. However, no game is easy for this Lakers team as they are still outside of the Western Conference playoffs contending teams. Saturday night's game in Phoenix featured a comedy and tragedy of errors which included LeBron yelling at his teammate in frustration. There were also several moments in which LeBron himself made rare mistakes. It resulted in another loss, just one night after LeBron walked off the court early in a home loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.

LeBron yells at Wagner after play

It was just the second quarter and the LA Lakers were trailing by five in the away game. LeBron made a sweet bounce pass down into the painted area for rookie Mo Wagner. The rookie appeared to catch it at first and was in a position to score. However, Wagner fumbled the ball. That created a turnover, fast break, and score down the other end for Phoenix. After the Suns got their points, LeBron was visibly angered with Wagner and screamed at the rookie, as the video clip shows.

LeBron's mental state may have been shaken up plenty during the latest loss.

He wasn't exempt from making mistakes either, as he showed on one inbounds play. With the Lakers getting the ball back, LeBron made a lazy and high attempted inbounds pass. There were teammates available to catch the ball in the backcourt. Unfortunately, King James seemed to forget there's a basketball hoop with a backboard there.

Those were just a few instances in the latest tragic loss for a Lakers team that has shown potential at times. There were other mistakes made including costly turnovers or miscues between teammates.

In addition, LeBron James missing two late-game free throws didn't help the cause. That has some fans questioning if LeBron's playoff intensity is really activated.

LeBron discusses frustrations, own 'stupidity'

After the Lakers loss, LeBron spoke with the media in the locker room about the latest loss. While he deflected some questions to the concept of it was one game of many left, he also didn't shy away from admitting he messed up. In fact, LeBron referred to his inbounds error as "stupidity" on his part. He mentioned it was a play where he misjudged things and thought he "had a little more room to get it to BI (Ingram)."

James said the Lakers had their chances and had moments where they were working together.

However, it wasn't a 48-minute effort against the Phoenix Suns. That loss pushes them a bit farther away from the top eight teams in the West.

As far as the standings go, LeBron replied to a reporter question about that. "I've never been one to kinda look at the standings..," LeBron said. "You just have to go out and do your job..you can't focus on the standings," he added. As of right now, the Lakers are 4.5 games behind the No. 8 team in the Western Conference.

That team is the Los Angeles Clippers. LeBron and the Lakers get a chance to gain ground on them in their next game as they'll play at Staples Center. That matchup arrives on Monday night at 10:30 p.m. Eastern Time via NBA TV.