Last night was UFC 235 in Las Vegas and light heavyweight champion Jon Jones defeated Anthony Davis. Jones has now successfully defended his light heavyweight title. MMA Junkie reports J.J. admitted that it was not his best performance, but he got the job done. The champion told the press that it was nice not to dis each other back and forth for once.

J.J. opened up round one firing on all cylinders. Smith eventually responded with a leg kick of his own backing up the champ. Smith attacked the leg again, leading Jones to come back with a lead strike but misses.

He fired off a massive kick. Smith fired back with a kick of his own but missed. J.J. and Smith keep trading blows but they failed to connect. Smith eventually lands a serious head kick, J.J. ends up grabbing Smith's leg forcing him against the fence. The pair end up in a clinch and Smith connects several elbows on the champion.

The pair return back to the center of the Octagon. Jones connects with more low kicks. Smith responds with a combo and J.J. fires off a side kick. The eventually trade strikes to finish off the first round. The round eventually went to Jon Jones.

Jon Jones claims round two

Jon Jones starts round two with another kick.

Smith manages to counter with a right hand, and the pair trade punches along the fence. Jones ends up connecting a kick to the midsection of Smith. J.J. throws a spinning elbow and returns to the clinch. Smith throws a strong right hand, and they both return to the center of the Octagon.

Jon Jones attacks Smith's legs and torso.

Smith fires back with a kick to Jones, leading to Jones firing off a massive right. They continue throwing right hands, leading to J.J. show signs of wear and tear. Jones returns to attacking Smith's leg. The champion connects with a right that forces Smith into the fence for a moment. J.J. fires off a knee to Smith's body, leading to the end of the second round.

Jon Jones controls round three

CBS Sports reports the champion starts the round with a series of strikes to Smith's face and legs and immediately goes for a takedown. The takedown fails, so J.J. connects with a massive knee. The return to the clinch and Jones attempts a series of small knees to Smith. The round continues with little action. Jones again attempts a takedown and is successful. Jones forces his weight onto Smith, wearing down the contender. J.J. gets the takedown.

J.J. manages to cover Smith's mouth, making it harder for the challenger to rest. Jones fires off a series of small strikes. Smith manages to stand with J.J.'s leg in his arms to conclude the round.

Smith attempts a rebound with a round four win

Jon Jones starts off the round, with an attempted a sidekick but fails to connect. Smith laughs at the attempt, but Jones ends up pinning Smith against the cage with elbows and the fight continues. Jones attempts a second flying knee and this time he connects and now Smith has a cut on his face. Smith continues to struggle to escape from the dominant champion.

The pair return to their feet. Jones sends Smith back to the mat and lands a knee to Smith. Jones fires off another series of elbows as Smith edges nearer to the fence.

Jones eventually landed what appeared to be an illegal knee, causing the ref to step in. The ref ends up ruling the knee illegal, docking the champion two points. Smith tells the ref he's okay and continues the fight.

Jones again claims victory with a series of strong strikes

As the final round begins, the pair trade blows in the center of the ring, and now Smith is connecting with Jones and giving him some damage. Jones attempts a takedown but fails. Once again J.J. and Smith enter a clinch and stay for most of the round. The crowd responds to the clinch with loud boos. The referee steps in and orders them to act.

J.J. connects with Smith with a flying knee to his face. Jones was reported to have connected 82 percent of his strikes.

This was Jones' first title defense since he won the belt at UFC 232. UFC 235 was live at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Jones was given a one fight license by NSAC after failing several drug tests, leading to multiple suspensions.