NBA superstar LeBron James is on his newest adventure as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. It hasn't been as successful in his first season there as many people hoped. That said, NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy recently suggested exploring a LeBron trade to rebuild with more All-Star talent. That suggestion was met with his colleague Mark Jackson's surprised replies, but it now appears that the Lakers owner actually considered this move.

Buss upset with LeBron's agent

That Jeff Van Gundy bit from the Celtics vs. Lakers game last Sunday certainly had fans, analysts and various personalities fired up.

Everyone from Stephen A. Smith to Colin Cowherd and Lakers fans was either on board with the idea of seeing what one can get in exchange for LeBron.

Just before the NBA trade deadline, the Lakers made multiple attempts to get Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans. They made a final trade offer before the deadline for Davis, but the Pelicans' ownership felt it wasn't enough. That deal basically included a good number of young players from the Lakers' roster but it was said LeBron was off limits.

There was a belief by some people including Lakers owner Jeanie Buss that LeBron's agent Rich Paul (of Klutch Sports) was spreading rumors to the media involving the team's trade situation.

According to Bleacher Report's Ric Bucher, Buss was so upset over that notion that she considered trading away his client LeBron James.

She wasn't necessarily upset at LeBron James, but more so with his agent, to the point, she wanted to part ways with that relationship with Rich Paul.

It's also worth mentioning that Davis is also one of Rich Paul's clients and that he denied to Bleacher Report that he ever spread rumors back then. Still, Buss suspected otherwise.

LeBron still on the roster for now

Based on the new report via Bucher, it appears that maybe trading LeBron wasn't out of the question or as preposterous as Jeff Van Gundy made it sound.

However, Van Gundy was also suggesting they could even explore LeBron trades this coming summer.

It seems unlikely for the LA Lakers to part ways with a superstar of James' abilities and skills, even if he's 34-years-old. Still, the biggest thing for the Lakers will be finding out if other top-level stars want to join King James on the roster or would prefer a different situation. It also appears that some execs around the league wouldn't unload too much in exchange for an older LeBron with potential for injuries and being lesser than his younger self.

This coming summer will get super interesting.

The Lakers could still try to work out a trade with the Pelicans and land Davis. Or they could sign some major free agent stars. As far as trading away LeBron James, one has to believe the Lakers are going to give him another season or two to bring them back to the level of competition they want in LA.