As of Friday (Mar. 1), the Los Angeles Lakers are still in the NBA Playoffs chase. However, the team needs to keep winning games with a tough schedule to close out the season. To do that, they may look towards boosting their roster a bit. With the final Anthony Davis trade offer that fell through before the NBA deadline, they could look elsewhere now for a key player. That could be a player to help out as their point guard Lonzo Ball heals or a new big man. Here are more details on what could develop as the team looks towards available options.

Lonzo Ball situation, roster needs

A recent report from the Los Angeles Times sheds light on the Lakers' current roster situation. The team has LeBron James back, but his health is considered questionable by some. Former NBA star Paul Pierce gave the Lakers a suggestion to "shut LeBron down" for the rest of the season. That doesn't seem to be part of the plan right now. They're also still missing young point guard Lonzo Ball. According to the Times' report, there's no timetable for Lonzo's return to action. That could be problematic, as some suggest he works well for the Lakers defensively and as a playmaker with the right personnel on the court.

Even LeBron James said Ball is missed a lot for what he brings to the team.

That said, it's hard to make too many excuses for a team that features the talents of LeBron along with rising young stars like Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma. Rajon Rondo is also a veteran playmaker and ballhandler who offers a bit of depth at that position. That said, the Lakers could look towards the PG spot or another spot.

Lakers eyeing big man for roster?

In Broderick Turner's Times report, it's also mentioned, "the Lakers wouldn’t mind adding another big man." However, this comes from a source "not authorized to speak publicly," so take that for what it's worth. Still, it's an interesting idea considering recent moves the team made. That included unloading Ivica Zubac and of course last offseason's move where they lost Julius Randle to the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Anthony Davis trade that never materialized would have cost the LA Lakers a good number of their current roster players. One has to wonder if making that deal would have kept the Lakers out of the playoffs by depleting so much of their roster. That said, they clearly needed a big man to help out against the likes of Anthony Davis and Julius Randle during their home game against the Pelicans on Friday. They will take on the Eastern Conference's top team, the Milwaukee Bucks, on Friday night. That team boasts athletic forward Giannis Antentounmkpo, among other bigs.

There were previous rumors suggesting the Lakers could look towards adding DeAndre Jordan to the roster.

However, that would require a trade or a buy-out and signing. Trades wouldn't be able to happen until the offseason. It doesn't seem likely the New York Knicks are going to waive a player who gets double-doubles either, playoffs or not. In addition, if New York is trying to attract Kevin Durant to sign with them, it's been suggested that DJ is good friends with KD.

As far as adding a big man, the LA Lakers will have to wait and see who is available. Players need to be waived by today in order to become eligible for another team to add them for the playoffs. However, it seems to make sense that the team will try to find what they can on the market for playmaking help and/or a big to help in the paint. Otherwise, the current roster has quite an uphill battle to get to the playoffs and compete.