While many people attend or view sporting events for a diversion from everyday stress and for fun, two Sacramento Kings fans took their game attendance to a whole new level when they went to a game their favorite team played against the Miami Heat on February 8. Daniel Goldsmith and Pete Molinelli wore politicized jerseys, stating, “Build The Wall” and Trump,” which evoked anger and controversy, according to Fox News, the Sacramento Bee, and additional news agencies.

Fans’ customized Sacramento Kings jerseys worn for laughs

Goldsmith and Molinelli claim that their customized jerseys were not a political statement but reflected just two friends seeking to evoke a laugh, according to the Bee.

Many social media users did not take their stunt as a joke, however. Fox reported that Bagley Blockin-Stein took to Twitter, commenting, "Makes me want to puke," which is far from the response the jersey-wearing fans sought.

No hidden message, lack of political knowledge

Sports Illustrated noted that Goldsmith asserts that there was “no message behind” wearing the jerseys, other than trying to give friends a “laugh.” The fan further stated that he does not have an opinion about President Trump’s stance on building a border wall, since he does not have “enough [knowledge] about politics.

He also does not see himself as “a Trump supporter.”

Controversial photo draws thousands of likes on Instagram

Goldsmith shared a photo on Instagram that was taken courtside with Molinelli. Users of the networking platform have responded with nearly 4,000 likes since the image, depicting the two fans in the jerseys, was posted on February 10.

Instagram user @kristiihorn commented, “Who among us hasn’t spent $80 for a customized jersey sporting a phrase we don’t understand, just for laughs. Happens all the time. Totally normal and sane.”

HotNewHipHop weighed in on the photo making headlines. The publication pointed out on February 13, “it's interesting that he decided to go with such a divisive approach here” in light of Goldsmith remarking that he lacks knowledge of politics.

Trump’ jersey fan supports ‘the wall’

Molinelli, who stated that he is not opposed to immigration, confirmed to media that he wore the “Trump” jersey denoting the number one. He said, “I was up for the fun,” the Bee reported. He additionally explained that the objective was “having fun,” according to Newsweek. At the same time, though, Molinelli also said he supportsthe wall,” adding that it “is about illegal immigration.”

Radio sports host calls the fan-friends ‘clowns’

David Weiglein hosts “The Drive,” which is a sports radio program on KHTK broadcast from Sacramento. Weiglein, whose handle is “Carmichael Dave,” posted a photo on Twitter of Goldsmith and Molinelli. He included the caption, “Anyone knows who these clowns are?”

During the game at Golden 1 Center, Goldsmith stated that “nobody really said anything except smiles and laughs.” The following day is when he discovered that the photo and opinions were “blowing up on Twitter,” according to the Bee.

The outcome of stunt, not a surprise

While the photo has elicited the support of many on social media, it has also evoked a great deal of disdain and disapproval, with some people speculating that the jersey-wearing friends anticipated the mixed response and controversy that would follow photo sharing on social media.

Count Daniel Bates among those not buying into thinking that the outcome came as a surprise. Bates wrote in a 12up article, “I have a feeling they knew exactly what they were getting into,” adding that “everyone is entitled to their own political beliefs and opinions, but this appears to be in bad taste”

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