The Nebraska football program has been making headlines lately due to a pending warrant for one player and now two other players could be in hot water. As the Maurice Washington saga continues to play out, there are other players who may be in trouble. In an unrelated story, two other Cornhuskers players were recently cited due to ordering a pizza using stolen credit card information.

Players ordered pizza using stolen info

The latest incident involves Chad Alioth and Caleb Tannor of the Nebraska Cornhuskers program. A report from's Big Red Today says that University of Nebraska-Lincoln police cited the two players for theft by deception over their pizza order.

Sgt. Douglas Petersen of the department indicated that they used an app to place that pizza order. Tannor gave Alioth $10 so he could order the pizza. Alioth used PayPal to send $10 to an app to order the pizza. However, that app is said to use stolen credit information. The police previously had a report of a charge for a pizza that went to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus in January.

Players cited, not charged

The two Nebraska football players involved have been cited, but neither player has been charged. According to reports, Alioth was cited on Feb. 8 and Tannor was cited on Feb. 11 for the theft by deception. The police are still trying to find out the owner of the app involved in the incident.

Caleb Tannor is a freshman outside linebacker with the team. Chad Alioth is a sophomore wideout amongst a group of talented wide receivers including recent prospects. It should be interesting to see if anything further develops which might impact their roles or playing time for the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the coming season.

The latest headlines arrive as Maurice Washington has charges in California with two crimes over an incident in which he allegedly sent a video over text message which shows her being sexually assaulted.

While the Nebraska football player isn't in the video, the woman in the video is just 15, so Washington is also charged with felony possession of child pornography.

In addition to the recent headlines involving legal woes, Nebraska's defensive line coach received a job upgrade. Mike Dawson accepted a coaching spot with the New York Giants.