The Nebraska football team could be adding yet another talented receiver to the 2019 class. That class is filling up after Noa Pola-Gates committed on Saturday night (January 19). If they can reel in Demariyon Houston, one of the best classes the Huskers have had in quite some time would be getting quite a bit better. Houston took an official visit to Lincoln this weekend and it seems as though that visit could be the clincher in getting the Oklahoma based receiver on the team.

Demariyon Houston leaning towards the Huskers?

There was a time when the three-star receiver was thought to be leaning toward the Texas Longhorns.

Whether he decided he didn't like the Longhorns as much as he thought, or whether the school decided it couldn't fit him into its plans, there are apparently some new schools at the top of the list. The Nebraska football has been a front runner for a little while now. It appears, at this point, that the contest is coming down to Colorado and the Huskers.

Demariyon Houston might be looking to pull the trigger sooner, rather than later. The Nebraska football team has been looking to shore up its 2019 class and it appears as though there might only be two more openings available. At the moment, it feels like it might even be a thing where even if he wanted to commit today, the staff might want him to hold off a bit.

Nebraska football filling up fast

Noa Pola-Gates and Dedrick Mills making it official in the last two weeks means the Huskers are sitting at 26 spots in the 2019 class. Thanks to a number of transfers and two retirements, it's thought that Scott Frost and company could take on as many as 30 players in this class.

There is also a school of thought that they might stop around 28, in order to have a few extra slots, should something else come up.

Considering that Houston specifically tweeted out that he loved what Lincoln had to offer, it seems likely that he could be one of the last players the Cornhuskers add to the roster.

Houston certainly fits the bill of what Nebraska is looking for.

The team has Jamie Nance and Wandale Robinson, who will likely be lining up at receiver in 2019, but there have been a lot of receivers getting offers in the 2020 class. It stands to reason, that if Houston were to pull the trigger and decide he wants to be a member of the Nebraska football team, it could shore up the roster. That would allow the coaching staff to go after another position in 2020 a bit harder.