The Nebraska football team is wrapping up their 2019 recruiting cycle and starting to turn its attention more and more to the 2020 class. That attention is including an offensive line that was better in 2018 but still needs some serious infusion of talent in the next few years. Tate Ratledge would certainly fit the bill when it comes to an infusion of talent.

Nebraska football going up against the biggies

The offensive tackle got an official Nebraska offer late last week but this isn't the kind of player that is going to be pulling the trigger anytime soon.

Ratledge, a 4-star offensive tackle out of Rome, Georgia has been racking up the offers from Power 5 schools.

The offensive tackle has 12 total offers already including from some of the biggest schools in the country, and certainly the biggest schools in his home region. Considered the number four tackle in the entire class, Alabama, Auburn and Georgia have already come calling. Now that the entire NCAA football establishment is about to turn its focus to the signing day in mid-December, it's a safe bet the offers are only going to keep coming. If the Huskers find a way to win Tate Ratledge over, it's going to take some serious work on the coaching staff's part.

Huskers know Georgia

There is one bullet in the coaching staff's gun that could help them with Ratledge.

The years they spent at UCF has allowed them to get to know the SEC area better than most Nebraska football coaches know it. They have spent quite a bit of time there in the last few years. The coaching staff knows the high school coaches in the area. They know how to talk to the kids in the region.

In some regards, it's almost like the Husker coaching staff are working for an SEC school.

That is going to be the thing the coaching staff will have to sell to Ratledge: That they understand what it's like to go to school in Georgia and the surrounding states and that Lincoln is actually somewhat similar.

That sales job is going to be a hard one, especially as they are going after him starting in a period of time when Lincoln is buried in sub-arctic temperatures.

The good news is the staff also knows the limitations of Lincoln. They won't be having him in for a visit before it starts to get a bit warmer. The next step for the Nebraska football team is indeed going to be trying to get at least an unofficial visit and hope Tate Ratledge likes what he sees. If they can get him to Lincoln, they might be able to steal him out from under the SEC kings.