The New England Patriots earned their sixth Super Bowl title, defeating the LA Rams in a game that was a very slow and historic low-scoring game. It also featured a disappointing halftime show and only one touchdown. This matchup seemed like a snoozefest unless you were a Patriots fan.

The first three quarters only saw six combined points scored, the fewest in Super Bowl history. The Patriots finally reached the endzone in the fourth quarter thanks to running back Sony Michel and winning the game, beating Los Angeles 13-3. ESPN confirms this is the sixth title win for Tom Brady and he now has the most rings in NFL history, breaking a tie he shared with Charles Haley.

Tom has said he has no plans to retire.

Tom Brady clearly struggled against a strong Rams defense

This was not one of Brady's best Super Bowl appearances, completing only 21-of-35 passes for 262 yards, recording no touchdowns and throwing one interception. Julian Edelman became one of the key players on the Patriots offense, recording 10 catches for 141 yards, and ended up being named Super Bowl LIII MVP.

The game ended up starting slow for the Patriots vs. the Rams. Brady's first pass ended up being picked off by the Los Angeles Rams, becoming the third quarterback in Super Bowl history to do so.

Surprisingly, it did not cost the Patriots anything, as the Rams were unable to capitalize on their miscues, which included a surprising missed 46-yard field goal by Patriots' kicker Stephen Gostkowski.

Rams and Patriots ended up making history with their low scoring

NBC News reports that after one quarter, neither team was able to put scores on the board, making it the ninth time in Super Bowl history that no points were scored in the first quarter.

Brady and company managed to get the scoring started in the second quarter, with Gostkowski making a 42-yard field goal. This would become the only scoring done in the first half, making it the second-lowest scoring first half in history. Super Bowl IX saw the Steelers only have a 2-0 lead over the Vikings, which happened at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

After Maroon 5 delivered their lackluster halftime performance, there was little when it came to halftime adjustments being made as both offenses continued to struggle against the strong defenses. The LA Rams eventually got themselves on the board with a 53-yard field goal. The six points are the record for fewest points after three quarters.

Michel ended up scoring the first touchdown of the game, giving the Pats a 10-3 lead, with seven minutes remaining in the game. He and Jamal Lewis are the only rookies in the past 30 years to record a rushing touchdown in the Super Bowl. Michel also recorded his sixth postseason touchdown, the most since Terrell Davis scored eight in 1997.