On Thursday night (February 7), Kyrie Irving got to play against his former teammate, LeBron James, once again. This time it was as part of the storied rivalry involving the Boston Celtics versus Los Angeles Lakers. Irving's Celtics were up by as many as 18 points on the Lakers, but LeBron's new squad didn't go down. Instead, they fought their way back to the end. Ultimately, they pulled off a buzzer-beating win thanks to Rajon Rondo. After the loss, Irving addressed a number of topics that reporters asked him about, including teaming up again with LeBron James.

Kyrie talks about LeBron's effort

In Thursday night's loss, Kyrie Irving led his team with 24 points, eight assists, and seven rebounds. He's been a member of the Celtics for two seasons now, and finally has an advantage in the East. That advantage is that LeBron joined the West. However, a number of other Eastern Conference squads have improved their rosters or have stars who continue to grow in terms of their talent.

That includes the Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, and Philadelphia 76ers. Irving was asked about the recent NBA trades and when reminded of the moves those teams made said he felt they were all "great pickups." He said he and the team are focused on getting better going forward.

When asked about the loss to the Lakers and LeBron's performance, Irving gave an interesting reply. He said he felt "his teammates helped out quite a bit." That's clearly true, as Rajon Rondo hit the game-winner.

Kyle Kuzma had big shots as well, down the stretch. The second-year player, who was previously mentioned in the Lakers' trade offer to New Orleans, finished with 25 points to help in the win.

LeBron finished with a triple-double which isn't so shabby either. King James scored 28 points, grabbed 12 rebounds, and gave out 12 assists in the victory.

That said, ahead of the game, LeBron made waves via the public draft for the upcoming game in Charlotte next week.

Irving talks about teaming up with LeBron again

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving were teammates for a total of four seasons. During that time, the duo, along with third All-Star Kevin Love, was able to capture a championship for Cleveland. Clearly, both Irving and James were a large part of the historic NBA Finals win. However, things broke up, with Irving no longer wanting to be in James' shadow in Cleveland.

Irving was ultimately traded to the Boston Celtics. LeBron's Cavs still made the NBA finals after that, but LeBron decided it was time to take his talents to California. That said, there have been NBA rumors going around that suggest a LeBron and Kyrie reunion could happen if the Lakers find a way to sign or trade for Irving.

The two will be teammates, once again, next Sunday, as LeBron made Irving his second pick among NBA All-Star team starters.

When asked about the prospect of playing with his former teammate again, Irving asked reporters if they knew the other starters on his team. When informed he'd join LeBron, KD, Kawhi, and Harden, he said: "Oh wow...Yo that's a great five." He added, "I'm excited" and said, "it gives us another chance to go out there and play together" as far as teaming with LeBron James. Irving also said he's grateful to be participating in the annual game again.

There's a bit over a week until that reunion happens. In addition to Irving being on the team, so are Klay Thompson and Anthony Davis.

Both players have been mentioned as potential acquisitions for the Lakers once they hit free agency. In fact, a report from the past few days called Thompson the L.A. Lakers' plan B if they couldn't land Davis. Whether or not Irving moves into the plans will remain to be seen.