The Oakland Raiders past season did not go the way they envisioned and now have a lot of needs to address in the offseason. However, Pro Football Talk says GM Mike Mayock appears to believe that quarterback is not one of them.

Jon Gruden spent much of the season dismantling the Raiders powerful roster, shipping off Amari Cooper to Dallas and Khalil Mack to Chicago. However, Derek Carr managed to be one of the few big names remaining who has held onto his starting job all season long. Gruden does not appear to be set on him as the starting quarterback.

Mike Mayock can right the ship and make the best personnel decisions

Mike Mayock was hired to be the team's new general manager and has said that Carr will be the starting quarterback for another season. His new role also has him overseeing personnel this offseason. He told NBC Sports that Carr is the least of their problems.

Mike Mayock said they need to instead improve the talent surrounding Carr on offense. They need a stronger offensive line to protect Carr. Mayock is also calling for a more dynamic team in 2019. The hiring of Mayock will hopefully bring logic to Oakland's personnel decisions. Jon Gruden arrived on the scene to make some massive changes. Many of the moves he made were aimed at bringing in fresh talent via the draft.

Raiders fans are hoping Mayock can rebuild their talent pool with careful analysis.

GM Mayock is right to keep Carr as their starting QB

Mayock is right when it comes to Carr not being a serious concern at the moment. While Carr might not be able to be the player that brings the Raiders back into postseason contention, he shouldn't be at the top of the organization's to-do list.

The Raiders need to shift their focus onto April's draft and acquire the best players available that can fill the holes in their depth chart. NFL teams have been known to pick quarterbacks higher than they deserve, meaning the Raiders should pass on going directly for a signal caller.

The Raiders are in need of serious stability.

Keeping Carr as the field general can keep the locker room calm after a rough season under Gruden. Mayock is being smart by backing Derek Carr to stay in his role.

As the NFL draft approaches, Mayock's past is helping him strengthen the Raiders draft strategy. NBC Sports says Mayock still has a welcomed presence at the Senior Bowl. Jon Gruden believes that Mayock's experience at his work and influence at the Senior Bowl could give the Raiders an advantage.