After the surprise firing of the Washington Redskins general manager on the first day of free agency, rumors were flying everywhere that they already have their guy. Washington's old GM, Scot McCloughan, was fired because he was an alcoholic. This puts the Redskins in a big pickle right now because they can't hire one in the league. It would be considered tampering and against the rules. In steps Mike Mayock. Adam Schefter and Field Yates are already getting the same information from their sources.

Right after the news broke, Mike Mayock put an official statement through the NFL network.“There has been no official contact between myself and the team and no interviews about the job,” Mayock said.

“My focus and energy -- as it typically is this time of year -- is squarely focused on the NFL Draft and NFL Network’s coverage of that event ... this year in my hometown of Philly!”

Jarron Gilbert a huge reach

In case you don't know who Jarron Gilbert is because you don't live near Chicago. Jarron was a defensive end The Chicago Bears drafted just because he jumped out of a pool.

Many thought that this guy could be something special when the video circulated in 2009. Then, reality set in when this guy couldn't play football. The Chicago Bears knew that they needed someone for the future in the position, but couldn't execute on the pick. It looked like they fell in love with the guy without watching any game tape.

This was a third-round defensive end pick out of San Jose State. We all at that time should have known that he would not live up to the early hype.

Mayock with no experience

I'm comparing the two because Mike Mayock is also a one trick pony. Mike is one of the best, if not the best, at what he does. Mayock can scout and tell me about amazing college players all day long.

He does his homework and makes for a great weekend watching the combine. Without having the knowledge of negotiating contracts and being the man in an NFL team's front office, it could potentially be a disaster -- exactly like Jarron Gilbert was in the NFL.