LeBron James took to his Instagram Monday, January 28 and posted photos of him looking locked and loaded. Not to mention looking rather hot with no shirt on. Fans got excited as the 'King' captioned it by saying, "Almost that time again!" The Los Angeles Lakers star player also said he "missed you so much." Of course, fans hope he means he's back and ready to play the NBA again pretty soon. Readers can see the photos further down in this article.

Luke Walton on LeBron James

According to NBA.dom, Luke Walton did not clear James for the game against the Sixers but noted that he "said that James is moving well, getting into the paint and shooting jumpers, if not driving aggressively to the rim and looking for tomahawk jams at this point." Meanwhile, ABC-CBN news wrote, "The coach said he was preparing his team for a Tuesday game against the Philadelphia 76ers as if James won't be available." James missed as many as 16 games this season, the most ever for him in any of his previous seasons with the NBA.

Obviously, Los Angeles Lakers need him back on the court. However, it looks like LeBron makes the choices, along with medical teams and coaches as to the best time to get back to the game. In the meantime, Lonzo Ball's off for weeks yet, with his ankle sprain. However, there is some possibility that Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart may squeeze in some play Tuesday night.

Fans react to photos on Instagram

King James garnered millions of followers on social media. Over on Instagram, the post with the photos where he looks locked and loaded received over two million likes in six hours. Similarly, thousands of comments rolled out from James' fans. Here's what some of them had to say about them:

  • @britt_bri_beme: "What a Man...What an Athlete."
  • @setapart_mia: "Oh come on maaan!! You unleashing a whole different beast I wasn’t prepared for!! WOWzers."
  • @michaelarea: "full blown beastmode."
  • @a.daddy20: "Let's go, man, we gotta catch up."
  • @starboyferno: "League ain’t been right without you."

Of course, not everyone had good things to say about LeBron looking locked, loaded and nearly ready to play the game again.

However, most of them support NBA teams other than the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron needs to be loaded and locked for the Lakers

Lakers could have used LeBron since he went off with his groin injury at Christmas. In his absence, they slipped down to the 9th seed in the Western Conference. No individual makes a team, but the young players at Lakers also saw Kyle Kuzma with injury, Lonzo Ball, and others lose time on the court.

What do you think of the photos of LeBron James looking locked and loaded? Do you think he's ready to roll out and make a difference to Lakers performance? Sound off in the comments section.

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