LeBron James didn't play the Los Angeles Lakers game Thursday night due to his groin injury. However, he watched the contest between Oklahoma City Thunder and tweeted up a sarcastic post after Lonzo Ball's alleged shooting-foul on Russel Westbrook. Lakers went on to win the game 138-128 in overtime. Nevertheless, it was no thanks to the referees, who later retracted the foul, ESPN reported.

LeBron on Lonzo's foul

In a sarcastic tweet about the so-called foul, Lebron wrote: "So what really is “in the shooting motion” rule?!?!? Asking for a friend @OfficialNBARefs." This came under question as ESPN explained it.

"Westbrook received an inbounds pass and made his way toward the 3-point line to hoist a shot. The refs awarded Westbrook three free throws, and he hit all three to tie the score and force the extra session."

After the game, pool reporters were told by Tom Washington that the foul was called on Lonzo Ball because "Russell had started his shooting motion and he was clearly behind the 3-point line and there was illegal contact by Ball." Coaches and players disagreed with that and asked for replays on the foul, which were refused.

Lakers fans react to King James' tweet

Over on Twitter, incensed fans and players replied to LeBron's tweet. Some of them posted up memes, but many others felt the foul was no way the correct call on Lonzo Ball.

Here's what some of them had to say about it:

  • @LakeShowFanatic: "It seems like @OfficialNBARefs have been exceptionally bad this year? What is going on?"
  • @sjcHTX: "How is that continuation? He didn't foul him on the drive to the hoop. He fouled him before the jumpshot?"
  • @b_darren15: "They literally waited till he started to shoot to call the foul."
  • @ATXgeographer: "For real. What a terrible call. Cmon NBA."
  • @FludogFluent: "The NBA uses the mind reader theory...they think he was thinking about shooting therefore he was..."

Meanwhile, some awesome memes cropped up, and of course, "Bird Box" just had to be mentioned:

Nevertheless, lots of LeBron James followers tweeted that to be more effective, Lonza ball should have taken the foul a lot earlier than he did.

Lonza Ball said after the game that he thought he got in the foul earlier than he did, ultimately taking the blame for something the refs now acknowledge he didn't do.

In the meantime, Kyle Kuzuma praised Lonzo for taking the foul and then still delivering such a good game afterward in overtime. ESPN said he commented how Lonzo didn't "dwell on that and hit some big-time shots and passes [VIDEO] in overtime, [it] helped win us the game."

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