If the Nebraska football team is going to get another big shot in the arm for its 2019 recruiting class, that shot in the arm is likely to be four-star defensive back Noa Pola-Gates. The Arizona prospect is just about ready to let Husker fans, and the rest of the college football world know whether or not he is going to be that shot in the arm. Gates is appearing at the Polynesian Bowl this weekend and he has said that he is going to finally announce what school he has chosen. Yes, he has decided on the team he is going to be playing for in 2019 and Cornhusker fans, as well as the coaching staff, are hoping he's going to be situated in Lincoln come next season.

Noa Pola-Gates can finally rest

Talking to USA Today, the defensive back prospect made one thing very clear. After months of being one of the top defensive targets in the 2019 class, Gates can finally take a load off, because he has basically finished up the recruiting cycle. He told the paper that it's quite the relief to be able to be done, and almost ready to tell the world.

Gates has said that the team he's picked knows whether or not he's coming. The other two schools he was looking at likely know as well. When the Polynesian Bowl kicks off on Saturday (January 19), it's a very safe bet that Nebraska football fans will know one way or the other as well. Now it just comes down to whether or not the Huskers have been enjoying the inside track so many recruiting experts feel they have.

Nebraska football hoping to be the winner

247Sports and Rivals have both shown the Huskers being the team that was winning out when it came to the commitment of Noa Pola-Gates. The Cornhuskers have actually been doing that for quite a while. Now the question is whether or not that's really what's going to happen. "It feels good to know and have that over with,” Pola-Gates told USA Today.

“I honestly made the decision this week so it’s still pretty new to me. All I have to do now is to let everyone else know.”

That comment that he made the decision "this week" is an interesting one, if only because it's in line with the new reports surfacing that the Huskers are not only in the lead but are expanding that lead.

Still, USC and Arizona State have come this far and the Trojans, especially, are the kind of team that doesn't lose out in these sorts of recruiting battles all that often. Nebraska football fans are likely going to be glued to their televisions on Saturday afternoon to see where Noa Pola-Gates finally decides to commit to.