The Nebraska football team was looking to make one final push one of the best players left on its board. Earlier this week, the entire Husker staff went and paid a visit to 4-star defensive prospect Lloyd Summerall. On Wednesday, they were supposed to get another defensive stud into Lincoln to check out what Memorial stadium had to offer. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear Datona Jackson was totally sold on what the Huskers had to offer. While he was expected to be making a mid-week visit, it appears he canceled, and the Huskers are now out on the prospect.

Datona Jackson could have been a huge asset to the Huskers

It's not a real surprise as to why the Nebraska football team is doing everything it can to make sure it gets a ton of pass rushers into this class. The defense was a real problem in 2018, and the biggest problem for the defense was the inability to get to the quarterback. Jackson was certainly one that seems like he had the tools to improve that pass rush. Playing for the college of the desert, Jackson racked up 47 tackles and a whopping eight sacks in just nine games.

Nebraska football goes back to the drawing board

The lack of a visit from Datona Jackson is certainly going to hurt. That doesn't mean the Huskers are devastated by this move.

The defender has long had a predilection to the west coast. As the Omaha World-Herald reports, he has recently made official visits to both USC and UCLA. He had been talked into coming by Scott Frost, and it appeared that while he wasn't totally sold on what the Cornhuskers had to offer, he was willing to give them another look.

Now that he has canceled his visit, the Huskers are going to have to move onto another target. That's not an entirely bad thing. There are players that are true freshmen that have been looking hard at Nebraska. It's possible that Jackson's decision not to give Frost and company a real shot, could give them a better shot for someone like Ty Robinson.

The Huskers are looking to improve on their recruiting class ranking ahead of the early signing period. After adding Wandale Robinson and other prospects the Cornhuskers have managed to get into the Top 20 for class rankings.

More importantly, the Nebraska football team has been rebuilding talent so they can win more games in 2019. While JUCO prospects like Datona Jackson could make an immediate impact, Scott Frost and company seem to have established backup plans for all the players they are making their final push for before the December 19 signing day.