The Nebraska football team is exactly one week away from the beginning of the early signing period. As they attempt to shore up their 2019 class, Scott Frost and company are pulling out all the stops in order to try and reel in one of the best defensive linemen in the 2019 class. Lloyd Summerall got an in-home visit not just from a couple of the Husker coaches but ... all of the Husker coaches. It's pretty clear the group wants Summerall to know he is very much wanted in Lincoln. Now it's just a matter of whether or not that desire to have him in a Huskers uniform is enough to get him to spend the next four years in Lincoln.

Nebraska football has already made inroads

Lloyd Summerall's first experience with the Huskers didn't come on Tuesday afternoon. The defensive star has seen Lincoln first hand already. The Florida product was at Memorial stadium when the Cornhuskers managed to topple Michigan State in the snow. Summerall later said it was the first time he had ever seen snow. That can make quite an impression on a kid from Florida who might be looking to have a very different life experience when he goes off to college.

Despite reports that the Nebraska football team is pulling out all the stops, at the moment, it's not clear if the attention is making a dent. 247Sports, among other recruiting analysts, believes it's more than likely that Summerall is going to be staying closer to home with his college choice.

That is one of the reasons why the staff made sure to show him the love.

Florida and Florida State are the supposed leaders for Lloyd Summerall

While the Nebraska football team is busy showing the 15th ranked WDE in the 2019 class, it appears Florida and Florida State have already shown him enough love. The 4-star prospect is the 36th best-ranked player in the entire state of Florida.

When you consider that, it's not hard to know why both the Gators and the Seminoles are hard after the player. Miami and Alabama are hard after him as well.

If the Nebraska football team is able to somehow convince him that he should come to Lincoln it would have a massive impact on what is already shaping up to be a very good class.

When Wandale Robinson committed he helped rocket the Huskers' class inside the Top 20. Lloyd Summerall joining that class is apparently quite the long shot but could go a long way towards helping the Cornhuskers get closer and closer into the Top 10. More important than that, the Huskers could be getting a heck of a defensive player on their roster.