While Nebraska football is attempting to wrap out what it hopes is a top 25 2019 class, it is also working hard to make sure future classes are just as good. The Huskers have already gone after one player that won't be eligible to play in college football until 2022 in Luther Burden. Now that they've offered a scholarship to a wide receiver from that class, they're going after someone to throw him the ball, as well. That's where the offer to Alabama-based quarterback Anthony Mix Jr. comes in. The quarterback from the 2022 class got an offer from the Huskers on Wednesday night (December 12).

Nebraska football gets its foot in the door early

Anthony Mix Jr is such an under the radar prospect that he's not even entered into the recruiting services database. That doesn't mean that he isn't talented. The Huskers are not the only school that have offered him a scholarship, either. In fact, the Huskers offered one on the same day that the Memphis Tigers made an offer to the quarterback.

It's not unusual for a player in the 2022 class to still be quite under the radar. It's going to be several years before they can sign on the dotted line and actually go to a college.

The focus, right now, tends to be on the 2019 class or the 2020 class. Players from the 2021 class are also getting more attention. Anthony Mix Jr is one of those players that is just starting to get more attention from schools, as the focus moves another year forward. Nebraska football has apparently been paying attention to what the quarterback has been able to do on the field.

It appears they think getting a foot in the door now will help the Cornhuskers sign him when the time comes.

Anthony Mix Jr showing signs of taking off

While only the Nebraska football team and the Memphis Tigers have made an offer, it doesn't appear as though they are going to be the only teams that show an interest. The quarterback has the size and speed to be someone who is going to get a lot of offers as the years move on.

Despite being years away from graduating high school, he's already standing 6-3 and weighing in at 215 pounds. That's a physicality at a young age that could translate to success when he gets older. He's also the son of former Auburn and NFL wide receiver Anthony Mix Sr. He's got the genes that could make him quite the player at the next level. Now the Nebraska football team just needs to keep the pressure on the 2022 prospect, as other schools, more than likely, come calling.