The Los Angeles Lakers have been battling the referees this season even more than they have been battling their opponents. There was even one game that was so bad that LeBron James and Lonzo Ball started playing with both hands clamped behind their backs so the referees couldn't call them for anything. Chris Webber was doing commentary for a game and showed one controversial call, questioning the referees making the game more about themselves than the players. It all ended with Kyle Kuzma getting a warning from the NBA just for responding to the unprofessional tweet by the NBA referees.

NBA referees call out announcers on Twitter

After the Los Angeles Lakers game with the Houston Rockets last week, the official Twitter account for the NBA referees tweeted out a video and an insult to commentator Chris Webber. In the tweet, whoever runs the referees' account said that people like Webber are why it is so hard to educate fans on the rules of the game.

They then explained that Chris Webber was wrong and that the play in question was clearly a foul. The account pointed out that a defender makes illegal contact with his knee to the thigh of the player on offense. This caused him to fall to the court, making it a foul.

Kyle Kuzma then responded on Twitter by asking if he will get fined for tweeting back at the referee Twitter account.

NBA gives Kyle Kuzma a warning

The NBA was not happy. According to E. Garcia Gunderson of USA Today, the NBA warned Kyle Kuzma not to make any negative tweets about the official NBA referees' Twitter account. There is no word on if the NBA told the referees to also stop trying to drum up drama on Twitter since they were the ones who started it by talking trash about the commentators of the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets.

At the moment, it seems like the NBA has no problem with referees trying to antagonize players on Twitter but will draw the line at a player like Kyle Kuzma defending himself and his Los Angeles Lakers teammates.

The foul that the NBA referee Twitter account pointed out was when they called a foul of Kyle Kuzma to James Harden -- a player who has become the new king of flopping. The fact that the account was calling out Kuzma on social media seems a little unprofessional, but that seems to be okay in the NBA these days.

Lonzo Ball explained after the game that he and LeBron James chose to play with their hands behind their backs on defense since the referees were not allowing them to play the game. While the NBA referee Twitter account felt persecuted by commentators in the Los Angeles Lakers game, they did call 45 personal fouls in that game -- stopping action more than allowing the players to actually play the game.