While the Nebraska football 2019 recruiting class is having a heck of a run, it did lose out on one of its best running back targets earlier this week. Wandale Robinson might have picked the Kentucky Wildcats over the Cornhuskers but now it's time for Nebraska to pick itself up and move on. Coincidentally, it appears we have just the running back target the Huskers can move on to. Sevion Morrison has had one heck of a year. That was accentuated on Thursday night when he led his Edison High team to a big win with the kind of performance most running backs can only dream about.

Sevion Morrison rising up the recruiting ranks?

The 2020 Nebraska football target went off for an astonishing 382 yards and five touchdowns. That's in one game. When you look at something like that, you have to wonder why this Oklahoma prospect isn't one that is getting a little more notice on the national stage. Make no mistake about it, he has had the kind of season that should make coaches' eyes pop out of their heads.

That nearly 400-yard performance wasn't even his best of the season. That honor belongs to the game where Morrison ran for 429 yards and seven touchdowns on 25 carries. He's also run for 419 yards in a game.

In the season, he now has 2,639 yards and an incredible 34 touchdowns on the ground. He's also averaging 12.5 yards per carry. For the most part, he's getting these numbers without having an inordinate amount of carries. On the flipside, he does have an inordinate number of touchdowns compared to the rest of the team. Add in his two receiving touchdowns and Sevion Morrison has had a hand in 88 percent of his team's touchdowns (36 of 41).

Nebraska football got in early

Despite more than 2,600 yards rushing (and the season isn't over), Sevion Morrison isn't getting a ton of FBS attention just yet. The Tulsa Oklahoma native has started to at least get some eyes on him, but he has only two offers so far. That could be good news for the Nebraska football team. Getting in early on some of the better recruits in the country has served the Cornhuskers well in the past.

At the moment, only the Huskers and the Missouri Tigers have given him an official scholarship offer. 247Sports believes the talented running back is going to be waiting for an Oklahoma Sooners offer. That might be the case. So far it hasn't come. Can the Nebraska football team lay down enough of a foundation that if the Sooners eventually do come calling it won't matter? It appears to be a worthy goal.