Anyone who has been following Nebraska football recruiting for any amount of time can tell you it can be more than a little frustrating. Cornhusker fans might need to buckle up for some more frustration on Thursday afternoon if recent rumors surrounding Wandale Robinson can be believed. Once considered a lock to go to the Kentucky Wildcats, then a lock to go to Ohio State and then a lock to come to Lincoln; it appears the situation has changed again.

Wandale Robinson staying home?

Rumors began circulating on Wednesday night that say Wandale Robinson is having problems choosing against his in-state team.

The Kentucky Wildcats have been making one heck of a push for the all-purpose back. Their campaign appears to be taking root. Recruiting experts all over the country, who once thought the 4-star prospect was head to Nebraska are now fairly certain he'll be wearing the blue and white of Kentucky next fall.

If the rumors hold true and the Cornhuskers can't make a late push back, it would be a bit of a blow to a recruiting class that looked like one of the best in quite some time.

Scott Frost and company did a decent job with the time they had a year ago, but it was looking as though having a full recruiting season was going to pay big, big dividends.

Nebraska football can rebound

Recruiting is never an easy science to master. This is especially true when you are talking about trying to bring in one of the top players in another state.

Kentucky has always been the team that could be in Robinson's ear morning, noon and night. The situation is similar to an SEC school trying to pull Nick Henrich away from Nebraska.

The bad news is Robinson was one of the more high profile prospects left on the Huskers' board.

The good news is Frost has already received the commitment of three different players over the last week. Receiver/defensive back Darien Chase, offensive lineman Bryce Benhart and defensive back Javin Wright have moved the Cornhuskers inside the Top 25 for recruiting classes.

The Nebraska football team already lost out on one player it thought it had a pretty good grip on this week when Daniel Heimuli left the Huskers out of his Top 5. Having Wandale Robinson commit to Kentucky would hurt even more. At the same time, recruiting is a fast moving business. The biggest bright side to the way this coaching staff does things is it's almost a certainty they will simply pick themselves up and move onto the next target.