The Alabama Crimson Tide have shown themselves to be the elite team in college football for a good number of seasons. In fact, they are often considered so good within the NCAA football world that sports enthusiasts start to make hypotheticals about how they might fare against professional teams. Now, one oddsmaker has actually gone so far as to give those hypothetical odds for the Crimson Tide's chances against NFL teams.

Alabama vs. Dallas Cowboys

According to The Action Network's Scott T. Miller, the Westgate Superbook's bookmaker Jeff Sherman started this with his tweet about odds for a Buffalo Bills game against Alabama.

Once he tweeted that, it was on, as Action Network asked him to come up with odds for Bama versus every team in the league.

On Sunday night, the Dallas Cowboys kept themselves within the NFL playoff picture thanks to a 27-20 victory against the Philadelphia Eagles. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are still considered emerging stars in the league, but how would the Alabama Crimson Tide do against them?

Sherman indicated that the Cowboys should be favored by 41.5 points to win against the Crimson Tide.

He also provided a fake prop bet which would be how many times new Cowboys WR Amari Cooper thinks: "I just wanna go back to Bama." The over/under on that one is 17.5 times.

Crimson Tide vs. Steelers

Since Sherman came up with odds for every NFL team, what about Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers? They gave the Carolina Panthers a beatdown this past Thursday night and are sitting at No.

2 in the AFC for the playoff picture. They've also surged up to No. 6 in the latest NFL power rankings.

Sherman suggests that hypothetically, the Steelers would be even bigger favorites than the Cowboys. He's got Pittsburgh favored by 47.5 points to crush the Tide on a neutral field. As far as the fake prop bet, it's how many times Antonio Brown would remind people about Nick Saban not trying to recruit him out of high school.

That over/under is at 4.5 times.

Alabama vs. Redskins & more

The Washington Redskins are looking like the best of the NFC East this season, as they currently control their destiny for the division and playoffs. They added veteran quarterback Alex Smith to the roster and running back Adrian Peterson. So far, it's worked well, although one has to admit the other teams in the division have played poorly enough to give them some help.

With that said, Sherman believes they'd also rout Alabama in a fictional game. He's got the Washington Redskins as favored by a mere 40.5 points. That's less than the Cowboys or Steelers, but still quite a large NFL point spread.

To put things in perspective for all of this, Sherman doesn't hypothetically believe any NFL team is a close matchup for the Crimson Tide.

In his Alabama vs. NFL odds, he's got the Buffalo Bills favored by 28.5 points, which is the lowest of any team. However, the highest point spread is 49.5 points.

Four NFL teams were given that spread. They just so happen to be among the best in the AFC and NFC: the Patriots, Chiefs, Saints, and Rams each carry these odds. That makes sense as Alabama isn't even in their league, literally or figuratively.