Even as the Nebraska football program is busy on the field, trying to string together more wins, they are also those busy off-field with recruiting efforts. As of right now, it's looking like those Nebraska recruiting efforts are beginning to show their value, too. The program recently jumped into the top 20 NCAA college football teams in terms of their 2019 recruits.

Nebraska football recruit rank for 2019

As of right now, the Nebraska Cornhuskers have a total of 20 players who have committed to the program for 2019. Five of those players are four-star players, while the remaining are classified as three-star prospects.

The latest recruits to join the Nebraska football program are Bryce Benhart, Javin Wright, and October 25 commitment, Darien Chase. These three players have certainly added to the exciting group of talent coming to Nebraska.

According to Rivals, the Huskers program is now the No. 18 team overall in terms of their recruiting for 2019. That has them ahead of Ohio State, the team they'll play this coming weekend. Also below Nebraska are Miami (FL), North Carolina State, Florida, Michigan State, and Virginia Tech, for now.

Over at 247 Sports, they give a slightly different perspective. Right now, the website ranks Nebraska's recruiting class for 2019 at No. 22 overall. They've got Miami (FL) ahead of the Huskers, as well as Washington and Mississippi State. All three college football teams rank lower based on Rivals' criteria, though.

2019 Nebraska recruits bringing the talent

In terms of the four-star recruits, the Nebraska Cornhuskers received a verbal commitment from linebackers Nick Henrich, Desmond Bland, and Nick Henrich. Running back Rahmir Johnson from New Jersey is the other four-star commitment right now.

Other exciting talents heading in with the 2019 recruit class are linebacker Jackson Hannah (below), running back Dedrick Mills, safety Quinton Newsome, and quarterback Luke McCaffrey, who is excited about the journey.

Luke currently has his brother Christian in the NFL, and father Ed (previously in NFL) as his coach. Husker 247 lists McCaffrey as a four-star recruit.

The 247 Sports site believes that Nebraska is the No. 4 team in the Big Ten conference heading into 2019, in terms of recruiting class. They rank Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan above the team, respectively.

Based on some of the exciting talents coming in for the 2019 college football season, Nebraska fans have plenty to be excited about. One can only hope that this top 20 ranking for the recruiting class carries over into much higher rankings in the top 25 as the 2019 season goes forth.